Your desert experience must not become your grave

Every one at a certain point goes through a desert experience. This is when the chips are down and inevitably,  friends are few.

When the desert experience hits it tends to bring a lot of ails with it. Like what Hamlet says in Shakespeare ‘ s Hamlet “–when troubles come they come not in singles but battalions –“.

Nonetheless the desert must not be your graveyard. In fact it should be your strengthening and rallying point where one sheds all excess baggage and gets ready for the long haul.

When the desert experience hits home, ponder on the following :

1. Learn lessons.
In the desert you learn to preserve what little water you have till you reach the next oasis. Gulps become sips.

2. Lose the excess
The desert takes toll. Excess baggage will sap your energy and bog you down.  So let go of toxic people,  forgive and let go and most importantly, DECIDE when to give up and move on.

3. Lose the mirage
Heat generates false illusions.  When life hits a hard parch the tendency to be swayed by all soothsayers and doomsayers will arise. Prophecies, conspiracies and down right fallacies will suddenly look credible.

So in your desert experience focus on the map and drive for the Oasis.

4. Keep the faith
In my desert experience I railed against God and foolishly told Him I did not believe He would let me suffer like this. I felt wronged and victimised. I felt cheated and betrayed by God. Little did I know that I was fulfilling scripture. ..

Psalm 53:1 (ASV) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity; There is none that doeth good.

My desert experience took me to  the lowest rung of my life and in fighting God I lost track of my morality and faith and needless to say I sunk deeper into the morass and only saving Grace took me back from the edge of death in a bus accident.

I got my faith back and survived the desert.

5. Don’t dare die in the desert
Even in the desert there is life. It actually also rains in the desert.  Where skeletons of foolhardy litter the landscapes and ghosts loiter, you will discover oasis water and palm trees.

So when you hit the desert patch, do not dig your grave there. Set the compass and focus on reaching the green belt.

This too shall pass and the desert will not claim your grave.

Heated words

What people say in the heat of the moment tends to reflect what they really think of you.

What people say in loving moments reflects what they dream and want of you.

In anger people lose control and lose pretence. 

If in an embrace they call you an angel and in anger they call you a whoring dog chances are that they believe you are a dog and view and treat you as such.

Don’t be offended when this happens.

Don’t sink low.

Don’t return the insult.

If there is no dog in you then don’t bark back.

It is their perception and their past that seeks to make a dog out of you.

But remember , you aren’t a dog till you allow someone to reduce you into one.

Remember you haven’t failed when someone says give up, but you fail when you actually give up.