Age old wisdom

So I woke a year older today. Besides an aching ear nothing seemed to have changed except that when I gazed at the mirror I realized I look more like my father as I grow older.

I spent the day pondering over my life and I came to realize that some things have changed. I share a few in the hope that they will help inspire some thought somewhere.

  • The energy purpose has changed.
  • In the past I used and expended my energy and passion in a way similar to that military maxim of shoot first and ask questions later. But with age I have learnt to assess my battles and only fight if it is the only option I am left with.
  • The dreams have blossomed
  • In the late nineties I believed that wherever my mind took me to my feet will get me there. I then discovered responsibilities, budgets, priorities and sobriety. Instead of somersaulting into the sky I learnt to build a ladder step by step and then ascend the steps.

Dreams inspired me to fly at thrice the speed of sound but age taught me to lay hay while it is day. Dreams had not limit, they crossed swollen bridges, scaled scary mountains and rode lions horse back style but age urged caution, safety, planning and vision.

The radical is gone

I woke up to a more considerate person. The temper has mellowed over years and I have discovered that where I used anger, road rage and ebullience the results are better with calm introspection and seeing beyond the moment.

The death of the radical has birthed the introspective elder who applies wisdom than militancy, who only brings out the guns to defend integrity and dignity.

Caution has replaced speed

Youth and dreams made me see life like a Formula One race, something to be run and won spectacularly, but age has taught me to focus on the prize like what the preacher Paul says:

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Age has brought spring cleaning and detoxes

Young age saw the collection of many things. Broken hearts, broken promises, missed steps, trippings and fallings etc and getting older has taught that the baggage is a drag in the walk and costs emotionally and physically.

Growing of age has made me only to speak when I really have to, to count my losses, cut my losses, know when to call it quits, when to hold on and who to walk with.

An increasing frailty

Where youth premised stud status my age now advocates serene and soft landings. Where I walked with a bump the legs now drag and ego makes it look like a swagger but it’s the tendons admitting a loss of their tension and stretch ability.

Where youth prized passionate fist thumping and long speeches my age now points to the Power Point and is conscious of those dozing in the audience.

Where youth pushed to be the first in the feeding trough my age now calmly allows the ladies and visitors ahead and am happy and satisfied to see everyone well catered for.

I now chew more carefully, the same way I now handle life, for fear of broken or cracked teeth. My relationship with the optician is getting stronger as I need more stronger lenses every two years and I wonder why I am constantly checking my pensionable date and why the internet is occasionally throwing me the funeral policy adverts more frequently than the young fellows !!

I woke up feeling grown….

To be continued

May I ask a stupid question?

May I ask a stupid question?

What is a leader?

After so many issues I have found  myself wondering if what we understand of leaders is what actually what leaders are meant to be.

Or maybe I should be asking those who lead or claim to be leaders if they understand what being leaders means?

This is what I understand about leaders.

Until one has learnt to serve I do not believe that they can lead. Servant hood teaches one humility and to be willing  to serve and achieve gratification from service.

Definition of servant in English:
A person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.

From the above we learn that a servant performs duties for others.  So it follows that if leaders are going to be good leaders they will first have to learn servant hood.

I have keenly followed certain issues in the political sphere and when most persons are ejected from key leadership positions they find it difficult to accept the loss.

But why should people fight so hard not to lose the mantle of servant hood?

Or the fight is actually not to lose master hood?


the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

This one takes the trophy. Leadership comes with an ABILITY. The absence of this ability actually is what disables nations.

When leaders lack the ability to admit and accept limitations it is not only them that suffer but all those they lead.

Someone says if we fail to plan we basically PLAN to fail. Leaders who have no articulate vision have no sound plan. They are basically a run away train bound to run out of steam and derail or run head on to the oncoming train.

Planning provides for sidings, more locomotion and detours to avoid danger and lack of planning plunges everyone headlong to these precipices.

Lastly, vision has the FUTURE in mind. It has our children in mind . It has the legacy of the future generations in mind.

Vision is not selfish. After running the gauntlet, visionary leaders think of the future. They perceive what better things tomorrow should be and accept that servant hood implies being able to impart the vision to the others to successfully complete what their service started.

So what are we ?

What do we have?

Leaders or bleeders?

To be continued.