Good day Your Excellency (3): Cabinet files

Good evening Sir. On a lighter note I realise and recognise that you have three Ncubes in your Cabinet. You can never go wrong with Ncubes Sir.

From the onset of my letters to you, I sought to appeal to you that there was an inherent need to inculcate a new leadership culture in our country. Gone must be the patronage ilk and in must come the servant leadership mantra. I am grateful that so far you have committed to be a listening leader and a servant leader.

I hear the Cabinet is down to 20 and the age averagely is now hovering at 55.

I hear a renowned banker is now in the Finance Ministry and I hear some permanent ministers have been unglued.

I hear a large part of the country is happy.

Thank you for listening your Excellency. I pray you continue listening.

A leader of good judgment gives stability; an exploiting leader leaves a trail of waste.
Proverbs 29:4 MSG

I believe the appointments were the easier part. Avoiding disappointing the nation is the bigger task Sir.

I pray that the path to the reform agenda and servant leadership does not detour nor derail.



Good morning Your Excellency

Good morning Your Excellency

Sir, allow me to justify my engaging you by using a term I learnt from the recent events at the Constitutional Court. Sir I would like to justify my pith of the fulcrum by attaching the following annex.

Arising from the above text, I can safely conclude that your engaging me was based on the premise that I will respond to your text.

It is the same premise that I now invoke Your Excellency to request a reciprocal event from you. It is obvious I am not eliciting a vote because there is no more an election at stake.

Your Excellency all I am eliciting for your attention is just a few matters, but knowing that you are a busy man, I will restrict myself to one point at a time.


Your Excellency, it is a given that this was not the best of performances in the overall political sphere. We applaud the peace and liberty of association that took place. I will not bother to break down the nitty gritties but I would like to draw to your attention that we need to go forward irrespective of how we feel about what what happened.

Your Excellency, in the next five years the moot is to drive a reform agenda. Please take note that this must not be read to mean a faction. Re form is meant to introduce a better way of dealing with issues and giving an ethos better impetus.

What do we want to reform? Our dream and drive is to see and actually influence a change in leadership perceptions. I am aware that you have committed to be a listening leader. I, and many others want more, we want you to be a servant leader.

And it is not only you that I and others want to be a servant leader , we want all the people thrust into leadership not to ever lead unless they understand that they are going to be serving as servant leaders. Yes. That’s it.

Servant leadership will turn this nation around Sir.

I know that you are busy ref the inauguration tomorrow so I will leave this reform agenda after just presenting one pillar and repith my fulcrum next week.

Good day Your Excellency


Who has the power?

In the life I have lived I have taken note that all is centered on power. The way we shall live and die is premised on the powers lording it over us. The way our tomorrow is going to be is centered on what power has the keys to our universe.

There is another dimension of power I have observed. The way a man of power handles himself. Whoever said the history of a nation cannot be written by the vanquished had a poignant point that we have failed to fully interrogate.

At many times we rail at the so called powerful men and fail to understand that at most times they themselves have fallen slave to the power entrusted upon them. Many of the powered ones have actually become slaves to the trust bestowed upon them.

We use terms like “power drunk” but we fail to accuse ourselves of sleeping on the wheel and letting our leaders drink themselves to a stupor from the cup of power. We only wake up at the sound of cups being plunked on tables to signify emptiness and we wonder what held us in eerie land when all this was happening .

I am convinced that at large we have lost the meaning of power. We see the ego trips driven by power take precedence over servant leadership. We see homes plundered by so called chefs on the premise that they have power. But do they have the power?

Stories of public utilities turned into private entities are awash in the media and all we talk about is abuse of power, but is it? Is it power that drives ego, fuels greed, pumps immorality , makes man blind to their moral obligations?

Is it power that makes men seek tots for sexual satisfaction? Would it be power for a man to sleep full and his entire village starve? Would it be power for a man, like Jesus says , to forsake his one hundred sheep in his hold only to go and grab the only sheep of his neighbor to roast for his visitors?

Me thinks we misconstrue power. The so called powerful men would not be deemed powerful if they had no one to be lords over. So they owe their elevated positions to the same people they lord over. It is the masses that have the power.

So, when the custodians of power get power drunk and plunder our granaries, take our food and declare themselves gods we have only ourselves to blame. Twin cabs, large offices, large pay packets, huge sexual appetites, sickening habits and all by products of power binges do not reflect power. They reflect authority gone wrong and slaves who have overtaken their masters.

So, who has the power?