No mascara to my life

I have reached that stage in life where  I can’t apply mascara to life to create a facade.

That stage in life where the pursuit of my inner peace cannot be dampened by stereo type perceptions of what a certain cliché think of what they perceive to be my characteristics.

I have reached a stage in life where those throwing mud for the sake of throwing will not get my attention and I will not stop to ask why they are dirtying their hands.

My pursuit is happiness, peace and love.

I want to live life to the level where upon my expiry I can calmly waltz to the reception desk at Pearl Gate and give St Peter a high five before asking him to check my name in the roll call.

No mascara, no facade but peace, love and happiness. And the last time I checked that wasn’t a crime.


Of words acidic

Acid mystifies and terrifies me. I once had an unsavoury encounter when I mistakenly tilted a car battery and acid spilled onto my arm. A stinging sensation got me running for water and after multiple douses I was left with some slight blistering.

On getting home I realised that more damage had been done. My t shirt’s right sleeve had been eaten away and my trouser had three gaping holes !!! That I could do nothing about !

This day that memory made me to realise that words can be as corrosive as acid. Words untimely spoken can eat away a lot of good and leave gaping issues that no effort will repair.

I appeal to all of us to watch what words come from us and what effect they cause. Some words, once released, are like spilled acid. They only can corrode and eat away.

I urge us all to watch our words so as to confine the acids of life spilling and destroying us.

I love you all.