It’s Mothers Day

Motherhood is an interesting phenomenon. Having been born of a mother and having experienced fatherhood, I still believe motherhood is a vocation for life.

On this day we celebrate the women who took seed and incubated it and returned it to earth months later as a howling bundle that came with the parenthood mantra.

For some the issues ended the day the child was born. Some left their children with their own mothers and went away for reasons that will take days to explain. Grandmothers became mothers again. Bless them.

Some never saw their children. Fate took them as they gave birth to new life. But still they were mothers. May their souls rest in peace.

Some braved the odds, absent sperm donors ( they can’t be called fathers these), hunger, sleepless nights, fevers, custodial battles, spiritual wars, documentation issues and outright spite but they came out right.

All that counts at the end of the day is that motherhood, unlike fatherhood is indisputable.

My take is that mothers can be anything. I take it from the battles they have fought and won and the love they still retain for their children despite all odds. Nothing beats a mother’s love.

Mothers can be the world. They already have proven it.

To all mothers, irrespective of circumstances, I doff my hat for you.

Happy Mothers Day.