I mean no offense but mascara has funny bed mates. Mask, masqurade, conceal are some among others.

Mascara – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mascara

I still mean no offense but I have seen the difficulties of this cosmetic clay(or powder or is it a paste?)

I have seen the anguish of those that wear it when the weather changes and a downpour catches them out doors without a covering. Have you seen people preferring to be nude in a bid to avoid water on their made up face?

I have seen the lameness it brings. Loving hugs are turned into mere pecks for fear of smudging each others’ clothing.

I have seen the vanity of the masqurade when real emotions kick in. I have in mind the image of a person whose day started with an exquisite application of all colours of mask only to be caught up with painful news ahead.

Here all the pretence falls and tears draw colorful trails on one’s face as they are smitten by emotion. Mask forsaken.

Some mask to hide scars.  Some mask to accentuate certain aspects of the appearance.  Eyebrows and eyelashes are highlighted for dazzling effect and cheeks are rouged to effect high cheek bone images.

All boils to an end at the end of the day as the mask must come off lest the pillows be discovered horribly stained in the morning.

A life lived under a form of mascara is a life missed.  While the physical mascara and it’s pretences can be washed away the masqurade of the heart and soul has a huge price to pay.

This masqurade thrives on what we are not and feeds on us perpetuating a fancy and fantasy and the pain is that one ends up forgetting to remove the mask and starts believing that the emotional artwork is their actual being.

This is the mascara that must fall. The pretensions and illusions.  The hypocrisy and airs. The denial and vanity. These must fall and expose the natural us.