burning the bridges

The story goes that before the Tomahawk missiles were created the infantry was the core of the fighting forces. The land or terrain gained was further cemented by the winning army destroying the bridges and all crossable fords so that the vanquished army would never contemplate retaking the lost positions. It was also used by some generals as a way of instilling a forward ever backward never spirit in their cadres. By burning the conquered bridges it meant that the armies had only one option – forward, as whoever thought of retreating would find themselves caught between an advancing army and an uncross able river (catch 22 ).

Life has certain complexities it throws at us at the least expected times. I have come to learn that what I have done in the past naturally has a bearing on my present  but in the same vein I have learnt that while I can derive lessons from my past , it does not mean that I should live with my past.

There are certain times when we walk through life at a stealing pace because we are afraid of awakening the ghosts of the past. I agree, everyone has a past but the past must not and cannot continue to be a part of my present. The past is passed, period.

To those whose past has continued to haunt them, there is one way out – burn the bridges. I have come to realize that the ghosts come because we entertain them. We go back to the grave and unearth memorabilia which emotionally suits us forgetting that an exhumation brings out the whole carrion, flesh, stench and bones.

At times we fail to manage our past. It is undeniable that at times we cannot totally cut off the past( e.g. when they is offspring involved ) but it is how we manage these past situations which will determine how happy we are in the current situation.

So, when the past brings you pain, take a step back and see whether you still hold some bridges open for the ghosts to shimmer over and haunt you at the happiest of your moments. Ghosts belong to the past; they must be exorcised and be put to rest. If it means apologising, seeking forgiveness, forgiving, letting go, then do so and the bridges would be burnt.

Some of us will need to burn bridges to go forward for as long as the bridges behind us are intact we will find ourselves going back to drink mud. When we opt to retreat to drink mud we will never advance to fight for and secure crystal clean waters and our present relations will suffer bad toxins.

Tomorrow, as the sun rises, what bridges hold you to the repulsive past that you are seeking release from? What bridges allow your past to emotionally blackmail and pain you? Burn them!! And when you burn them make sure they are behind you and you are across lest you be doomed.

Bridges my foot!!


Before i am free

Freedom is a great release. A chance to delve forward. An opportunity to stand on one’s feet. A chance to use one’s brain. Freedom is a licence to explore the horizons. Then how is it that when we become free we become fools? How is it that free men tie and bond themselves to death? How is it that our freedom brings us habits that kill us? Freedom cannot be bad, but how is it that all such bad comes with being free?

My resolve is that before I am free I should appreciate my surroundings. If I am constrained and contained in a small space then when I am released to greater space I know I will breathe easier, move easier and have turn around space but if you release me before I see that I am constrained I will never appreciate the freedom and one then must not be surprised to find the victim voluntarily returning to the cage.

Before I am free I want to appreciate what it means not being able to speak my mind freely. I want to be able to understand what a muzzle on my mouth is otherwise turning and giving me freedom of speech when I did not know I did not have it is a vain effort.

Freedom is not a blank cheque. It comes with bridles and halters and when ignored or abused freedom becomes vain like a runaway horse that flees the security of the stables only to be devoured by the lions in the forest.

Freedom gives you mobility but one’s failure to know their extent of gravitation can leave one in lurch – free, yes, but stuck in mud.

Freedom gives a free rein and allows for open mileage but a free fool is the one that will step on the gas without checking his fuel reserves. Freedom allows us to speak back but wisdom tells you whether it is worthy the salt to do so. Freedom says you can stay out all night but discernment says you have a job to go to tomorrow or a spouse waiting for you at home. Freedom? Yes. but without the accompanying accoutrements it is all in vain.

I love all the freedom I can get  but before I am free I ask that  I be granted wisdom , restraint , discernment , dexterity , capacitation , the courage , the humility , the determination and all the skills to handle my freedom so that it does not enslave and eventually kill me.

As the sun rises tomorrow I pray freedom that will not make one a zero.

we owe it to our children

We have become so good at crying foul and passing the buck such that we are now blind to our obligations. We seem to find it easy to blame our problems on our upbringing yet our poor parents did their outmost best to make us people of reckon. We seem content to blame the regulators for meting out punitive measures on us yet none held a gun to us when we drove through the red lights. It seems the easiest thing to do is – blame, accuse, revile, fault find and find everyone guilty – except ourselves.

Hiding behind a finger has a number of problems. It is either you diminish yourself to the size of the finger to remain hidden or obviously make a foolish spectacle out of yourself, or you alternately continue using the index finger to point at every one yet the same accusations are being pointed at you by the proverbial thumb. All such is in vain as no problem will be solved but more energy and time will be wasted.

We live in a dimension where it is easier to do the wrong thing than toe the line. The dimensions make it difficult for those who want to walk the path of integrity to thrive. The dispensations strangle those that would be the voice of reason and the populace seems to believe that common sense is only for fools.

This dimension makes us bend rules and pull wool on even ourselves. We sink low ethically to make a few cents and hope to wake up and wash away the stench tomorrow. I have seen the frustration and near desperation on the faces of people who believe in doing the right thing when the scum of the earth thrive by doing wrong. I know the pain of having to toe the line and be told that you will die poor for refusing to dine with the devil. I know many who groan and pray everyday that goodness and faithfulness might once again be the standard of measure for the living societies.

If we are not going to make it good for ourselves then we owe it to the future generation.

We owe it to our children not to grow up believing that money can be the substitute of lost affection.

We owe to our children to know that fidelity is not a myth.

We owe it to our future generations to know that all can be got through the right channels and that bribery is abhorrent both to the giver and receiver.

We owe to our future generations to know that man can, and is able, to work for his bread and not survive by spilling blood and starving the widowed and orphaned.

We owe it to the future people that they can have spouses who will love them fully without having to sneak in darkness to the nearest mupostori with their underwear so as to tame their wayward ways.

We owe it to the future people to know that ill-gotten riches bear many ills, fear, insecurity and enslave the thief to the robbers’ chief for life (talk of selling souls to the devil).

We owe it to our future to hold the dignity pole and chose to be different even if it means being reviled by fools. In my book honour and dignity from a thief is akin to walking naked and making yourself believe that the masses staring at you are cheering.

I have not given up on our generation (read myself). I am convinced I can walk a straighter path (is there such a word?); I am convinced I can run a race without cutting corners and get what I deserve. I believe that ethnicity and the evils that come with it should not be the measuring rod of dispensing food at the table; I am convinced that honesty and integrity build a better nation than deception, disguise and disgrace hence I will not give up.

Tomorrow, as the sun rises, we owe it not only to the future people but also ourselves to make a better people out of us.