Are you about to give up?

Everyone hits that patch.  The patch where all goes wrong and none seems willing to help you out, the patch where you fall off the wagon and it runs over you as you try to stagger up. Everyone goes through the catch 22 scenario and when it happens the easiest and most available decision seems to be to give up and die, we are quickened to the Job scenario where the wife, being tired of caring for a sore ridden and impoverished Job, tells him to curse God and die.

Everyone hits the dark painful spot. How you handle the pain determines whether you will beat the darkness or the patch will shroud you. So it is not in the darkness that we meet our demise but in the manner we handle the dark patches of our lives.

Before you give and keel over I urge you to consider the following:

Think of the woman who went into extended labour but did not give up. Think of the sweat rolling down her face and the spasms hitting her muscles. It would have been easier to give up and opt for a still-born but the woman persevered. When the midwives demanded that she push some more she summoned courage and strength that she never knew she had and was rewarded with a bloody bundle howling like there was no tomorrow. That was the woman who gave birth to you and me.

Think of the teacher who never gave up when you did not grasp the concept when the whole class had done. Think of what devastation you would have undergone when they left you behind and laughed derisively at you.

Think of the mentor who put up with your immaturity. I look back today and remember how taxing and cheeky I could be but my big brothers never wrote me off. I look back and see the sea of patience that they stretched to accommodate my mistakes and errors. At times these mistakes of mine were to cost them more than me but they never wrote me off.

Think of the decision maker who could have consigned you to the history bin but chose to allow you a second chance. I have had so many close shaves in my life that would have had me written off had someone somewhere not have exercised the option of granting me a second chance.

So before you give up and give up all your dreams I beg you to think of all those that never gave up on you to be where you are today. Where you stand today might not be where you want to be but I can assure you that you could be in a worse off position if those running with you could have given up on. So when the urge comes, think of the worst that you have already beaten and I can assure you it is better to keep running than sit on the track and let the stampede decimate you.

As the sun rises tomorrow, count your granted lifelines that you have been proffered and keep running, for to give up is to let down a lot of people who have already given a lot for you.