Our words are those syllables that we combine to produce a sound meant to establish a link between us and others (or are they?). Our words are our own product though at times we find ourselves needing to disown the impulse that would have brought them about, but fact remains that they still are our words and we own them by virtue of having uttered them.

Our words are us. What we say is a reflection of our perception about the subject at hand. They reflect our depth on the understanding of the matter at hand, they reflect our disposition to the matter at hand and how we would execute it if we were ever given a chance to play God.

Our words are our measure. From our words it can be told of how intolerant, impish, subordinate or virtuous we are. The utterances and the pitch at which they are cast reflect how low we can sink to climb high enough to be seen or heard.

Our words own us. Many a times I have seen a solemn face try to disown a statement spoken in haste. The words would have been spoken and gone but the attribute would still be obtaining. The words that we produce with our own mouths enslave us. They bind us to honor the pledges and oaths and at the same time they call us to remission and penance upon discovery of omissions.

Since our words are a large reflection of us, it therefore follows that they must be carefully executed. No successful event is without preparation, and haste breeds disaster. The same applies with words. Those spoken out of turn will bring pain in turn. Those spoken in haste will bring a   bitter taste.

Words must not be impulsive. Impulsive words are equivalent to a knee jerk. A knee jerk is a sudden disjoint that takes one off balance and can cause a tilt in gravity and if worse can cause a fracture. Knee jerk words also disorient, distract and break hearts. Those of the art of love speak of foreplay as a sure way to heavenly orgasms and bliss. They cannot be far from the truth as all those words they use to describe what should transpires are a simple instruction teaching souls to ponder, mould , shape , usher our words unto action.(no pun intended !).

Words must not be diarrheal. I am more prone to forgive the soul that would fart in an enclosed room and suffocate us with the product of the boiled eggs they ate two days ago than suffer the peril of a mouth that runs and lets off words un abated. Like the proverbial diarrhea, all such a mouth can do is leave behind a soiled emotional fabric and an unusable emotional stench.

So, how are your words? As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow will your words cause reason to rise in many?

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