Wisdom from a remote control device

One of the things I make sure I do after a long day and after doing my meditation before retiring to sleep is to scan all the news cable channels for an update of the day’s events. 

The lazy retiring mode tends to egg one to snug into bed and then remotely switch on the television. Therein I learnt my lesson. 

For some reason, I suspect a wreaking battery, the remote device declined to get the television on from the position of comfort I had taken in the blankets where I was comfortably snugged in between the pillows.

A frustrating continuos pressing of the power button on the remote yielded no result till I threw off the blankets and went nearer the television and hey presto one touch on the remote got the television going. In a fit I returned to bed and wondering what had happened, I pushed the power button and surprisingly the television went off!!!

Needless to say, trying to get in on again from a position of comfortable vantage yielded frustration and I had to endure discomfort again. I am no scientific brain and will not attempt to explain the reasons behind the snafu but I learnt a lesson.

It will take more effort to get going than to stop. 

The odds that will stand against your efforts to enlightenment will require more push than those that will gleefully watch you give up.

To get something going will need more energy than for you to give up on it : Which is why engines burn fuel to get going but just need pressure from the pedal to stop.

Learn from the weakened remote device. Walk , sweat! Pray  and endure discomfort to gain advantage and enlightenment………

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