Wiki-leaks: our weak links

This week has been one of serious blushes in many corridors. To make it worse, tabloids of all kind have really let loose on the revelation of what people have been saying about each other in some assumed secrecy. The juice is in the fact that what has been said in private is in total contrast to what some have been parroting. It is no doubt that the last batch of Wiki-leaks is going to cause tremors, tremors that will cause some landscape shifts, but what really is the matter??

The matter is not in the revelation of whispers for the good book has it clear that even what shall be done in darkness will become clear. The matter is not in the manner in which the matters leak and ooze into public domain. The matter is not in the medium of transmission. Nay, in all these is not the axis of our weaknesses.

The fulcrum of our weaknesses is in believing in secrets and trusting beyond the word trust. It is my take that all the people being laid bare today would have nothing to worry about if they had not believed in secrets. I believe that the reason they spoke in secrecy was to justify their actions or to curry favours but the problem is that when the morning after came, they would not boldly utter the same vowels spoken in the secrecy of yester night.

All of us have secrets. We have things we do not want known. We have habits that we wish could go away. We have skeletons that continue to jiggle their hips in our faces. We have pasts that continue to haunt our present. All of us have issues, but how the secrets affect us depends on how truthfully we handle them. A man who faces his past has no fear of any of his whispers being made public because he stands steadfast in what he said and is not afraid to speak his whisper loudly.

All of us have Nicodemus moments, but the key to these issues is to be able to acknowledge your faults and soldier on. What guts most souls is their bid to hide live toads under the hats they are wearing. It is an obvious fact that eventually the toad will either jump out, or you will squash it onto your head or it will emit some fungous liquid on you: all this will simply work to cause a stir and embarrassment on one’s part.

No one owns their secret. In as much as we might try to hide every act of ours that we feel is not for public consumption, it is an inevitable fact of life that SOMEONE is always privy to your dark act. From the doctor who performs the illegal abortion (and yet next Sunday one sings their voice shrill at the church choir and we are none the wiser), to the hotel receptionist who sees all the illicit combinations sneaking to consummate immoral lust under night’s cover, to the maids who observe the comings and goings of the numerous ‘uncles’ etc. these sources are silent observes who see, store and later on remember our dark moments.

So the next time you whisper a secret, the next time you speak a word that you cannot utter publicly, know that you are creating a weak link for yourself. A link that will eventually come to clink and give away your public mask for your wiki-leak mask. It is noble for a man to whisper what he is prepared to shout from the roof top, failing which , it is even nobler for a man to keep his silence which the old sage swears, is golden.

Tomorrow, as the sun rises, take a look at the mirror. If the whispered image is good enough to be the published image then you have no fear of the weakness leak.

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great piece,how abt posting your comment in one of our websites.l like your analysis

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