weapons against us

ISA 54:17 ‘> No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

As much as the preachers might pound the pulpit, there is a point that they do not clearly articulate. The failure of a weapon to prosper against you does not mean no missiles shall be lodged at you. Neither does it mean that if you do not dodge you will remain unscathed. The fact that the Word speaks of a weapon fashioned for you indicates the presence of custom-made trouble. These include trials created to merge into your proto- type and it is not denial that will avoid you being a casualty, it is taking action.

I have seen many men wail in the face of problems. I have seen many women wail in the face of tribulation and needless to say, these people lose their battles because they allow the weapons formed against them to derail and destruct them. If the Almighty issues an injunction declaring that you will not be harmed, it therefore does not follow that He says you will not be attacked!! It would be a vain life that will be without tests. It would be an empty life that comes with no benchmarks to test and mark your resilience. Indeed it would be a sad life.

The reason people seat for exams and drop out of courses or stages is because their staying or resisting ability fails them. This is only discovered when the next gear is engaged. That is when they realize they are out of depth and their staying power is depleted. The wise go one gear down and marshal more resources for the next assault while the weak engage the reverse gear and limp back home tail in between their legs. These are people that fear weapons. These are people that fear shadows and would not dare lift their eyes from the ground to see the cause of the shadows they see on the ground.

The walk and experience of life is not for those that are afraid of taking odds head on. It is not for those who believe they must not be criticized, castigated, insulted, derided or denied opportunities. The race is not for those who believe that they must never stumble, fall, be hurt, be sick and even be hated. These are all weapons spoken of that are likely to be launched against one. It is not the presence of the weapon that matters. It is not the aiming of the missile at you that matters. It is how ready are you to battle and face the odds that will carry you forward.

As the sun rises tomorrow, whatever missile manifests in form of a challenge , problem etc do not deny or decry it, instead, be ready to contend with it, for the battle is to the swift and not the wailers.

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sekai shamido

Y cnt u b a motivational speaker hey this is gud u uplifted my spirit thanks



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