Truth as a principle

PR 23:23 Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.
Source: King James 1611,


For ages since creation the essence of truth and the results of deviating from the truth are told. I will not bore you by repeating the well-known cases. All I want is to draw attention to the value of the truth as in the essence of always striving to be truthful in all our dimensions of life.

As cited by the scripture, the truth has a cost price. One at times has to sacrifice value and pride to remain truthful. At times one has to suffer being labeled a fool to remain on the steadfast path of truthfulness. But the funny part of it is that the element of truth is a one sided commerce. While the truth might cost you, one cannot sell it.

Selling the truth will require upping the price, hence a distortion of the value and hence the first departure form the truth. In simple terms, one cannot disguise and successfully get away with a façade. In as much as we try to project all good illusions about ourselves, the shimmer tends to wane and the real colors then surface rendering it a futile exercise to sell ourselves short by telling a lie or half truth.

Wisdom is a strong component of the truth. It takes wisdom to know that the key to a free conscience is telling the truth and living a truthful life as far as is possible within the abilities of one’s sphere of life. A wise man will stick to the factual as the memory has no problem recalling the truth but a foolish man burdens his brain with a memory overload of having to always remember the exact lie , alibi etc. I always jokingly tell my loved ones that its takes more memory space to remember a lie than to recall the truth.

Instruction is part of obtaining the truth. Facts arise from instruction and the truth is factual. It has a component called evidence. Lies have no tangible fact. They depend on a morass of speculation, presumption and pretence but the truth is founded on fact and it  is a fact that telling and living the way of the truth has more positive yields that  the other side.

Understanding the repercussions is also a pivotal element. A person who understands the damage done when one is caught in a lie knows that telling the truth is less expensive than living under the label of a liar and unfaithful person. I have seen people who have neglected opportunities to tell the truth about who they are and where have they been being reduced to shivers and whispers when the lies they live are unmasked. And an untruth not meant to be discovered always does get revealed and always at a tremendous cost to the concealing party.

Understanding the ramifications of avoiding the truth should help us walk a straighter path. For indeed it is hard to live a truthful life, but they are more casualties to self and ones surrounding if one does not.

As the sun rises tomorrow truthfully and faithfully, may the epoch of truth be your milestone.

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