These shadows I will love dancing with

For the next three weeks I am away from my normal settings and comfort. By the time I am done I would have spent at least 16 nights in a one man dome tent , traveled at least  1500 kilometers , met and interfaced with a lot of people and lost a bit of weight !!

I aver it is not the best thing one would love to do as a form of service but I have determined myself to learn as much from the layers of dust I will accumulate navigating the boundary roads in a Defender swallowed in the dusty trail of a 6 car convoy.

I aver it is a departure from my day-to-day routine but life and the battles I have had with the previous shadows has taught me to see light even in the darkest of tunnels. I will miss the warm tub with scented bath foam but showers everyday means my scalp will not accumulate dandruff. I will miss the phone calls but that will mean more time to me. (Call me selfish). I will miss the helping hands that suffer from my multitasking but I will be able to muscle myself to run the distance without any subordinates to take the weight off me.

I aver it is a great departure but not a new one to me. I will strive not to make the mistakes of the past and seek to learn lessons that will last.

For every meter of the country that I will cover ,  for every beacon I will come across , for every landmark I will see, for all the fresh air I will breath I will be on course to be a better  person.

I will not concentrate on the stinging dust in my eyes, I will not listen to the defeatist lingo, and I will not march with the losing team.

I will wash away the dust every night when I return to base but I look forward to lessons, milestones and achievements that will not wash away.

I will not concentrate on my aching back and corns on my toes but will marvel on the strength I would have mustered to mount the hilltops, to wade to river bed centers, to guide the convoy through difficulty fords and to learn to live with diversity.

Every day when I am tired and frustrated I will remind myself that the sun will arise again tomorrow and all niggling shadows will melt.

I tell you, for a change, I will love dancing with these shadows.

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