To all my friends that have walked the dreaded path of pain,

To all the spouses who have endured all forms of pain in trying to re-ignite love,

To everyone who has been conned, played, betrayed, insulted , stabbed, infected, poisoned, maligned in the quest to walk the path of openness, truth ,fidelity , honesty, love, commitment and dedication.

To all those wives who have to endure the poisonous, physical, selfish, thrusts of uncaring and whoring husbands,

To all those husbands who have worked their backs off toiling for women who drop their underwear at the wink of any man,

To the daughters in law who have to acquiesce with mothers in law from hell,

To all those women who stay for fear of losing their Mercedes Benz, the mansion and the trinkets,

To those who now love with the mind,

To those who fool themselves and say they are now there only for the children,

For all those who continue going back to where they are being gutted in the name of love,

To everybody that wallows in self-pity, cry bucketfuls of tears behind closed doors and emerge to toast the guests with perfectly lined mascara masks. To all those women who say ‘the next time he gives me another STD I am leaving’ or ‘the next time he hits me in front of the kids I will get a restraining order’.

To the men who endure spousal abuse in fear of being called sissies. To all that see everything going wrong but keep quiet.

To all these I have something to say.

No greater truth exists than for you to know that the answer to all your pains is within reach and possible. It is in your heart. In your heart lies the power to stand up for who you are – an image fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Turn the light of reality onto your heart and filter away all the shadows of fear, material loss, stigma, insults etc. Staying in the shadows condemns you to living with the shadows.

To all who are mentioned above: when the sun rises tomorrow, take a look at you, walk toward the sun and melt away the shadows!!

For what good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?  Mark 8 v 36.

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Man, this is well written. I almost thought it was a sermon, then thought it was a poem but now I know it is a life changing message that gives hope.

You know I love the way you write. Indeed the sun will shine again kusasa.

Bless you Nqo

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