the premise of promise

A promise is one complex development. You give your word to deliver. You pledge to move mountains to achieve. You commit to cry tears if they will be the key to the completion of the promise. The premise of a promise is centered on one’s value and self-respect. The promises we make and what we do with the promises is a measure of how much we value ourselves and what value we put into the words we utter in the name of our being.

A promise is a pledge. In it you tie your worth. In it you mortgage your value and respect. Failure to fulfill a promise obviously has ramifications. In the same manner in which failing to service a mortgage has repercussions, so does failure to live up to a promise. Your goodwill is downgraded, your credibility is reduced and the number of people who count on you diminishes.

A few years ago while based in Chirundu I needed to have a landline (that was before the cellular hype hit the Zambezi escarpment). The service provider wanted me to complete a form committing to compliance and full remittance of my dues to them (which I did). Next, they wanted a guarantor who was going to be their fall guy if I did not fulfill my commitment (they did not put it as clearly as I have said it!!). I prevailed upon my spiritual brother and friend Elson Chirenje to be my guarantor. He obliged and the deal was signed and dusted.

Years later I left Chirundu for Mutare and despite having terminated the service  formally and paid what I thought was due I got to be shocked when Chirenje called me to say debt collectors had come to his home in Victoria Falls seeking to attach property for a debt I had seemingly accrued under his guarantor ship. My friend was not in any position to pay my debt (it was not his) and I upon being told by him, was not in a position to jeopardize my relationship with him so I contacted the service provider and sorted out the issue- implying I fulfilled my promise to so as to  redeem and retain a good relationship.

Promises are of mutual benefit. When we give our commitments to do something for others and actually fulfill the pledges we discover more strengths and capabilities in us. If one has to go out of their way to fulfill their promise it serves to gauge how much and how far they can stretch in self-sacrifice and lessons learnt from such acts do come in handy when trying times call upon us to reach into our inner beings for refreshing.

Promises are us. One who makes empty promises is a fool. One who shies from commitment is a coward. One who is truthful about their inabilities and weaknesses is respectable and one who fulfills his promises is honorable.

Promises are like bricks. Cemented with mortar they make strong walls that shelter souls in a time of need, but when strewn over the field they become time bombs that will trip and hurt many.

Whoever said a promise is a credit hit in on the nail. Too much credit will suffocate you in the long-term, failure to service your debt will accrue you legal issues and punishing interests, fulfilling your promises is like paying your bills (it actually is!!) this will result in your credit worthiness increasing and you status being upgraded. So if your stock has been on the decline of late here is a tip: check your promises and your history on how you handle your promises!!

As the sun rises tomorrow, my promise to you is that you have the key to make it a better day.


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