Souls in turmoil

Let me address men in this blog.

The last two weeks have been characterized by turmoil in many places.  I saw Tunisia erupt and currently the land of the Pharaohs is boiling. These are the boiling points that are right in our face in full view. Many reasons and arguments are being given for these eruptions but I will not dwell on them now.  It all seeks to prove my Science teacher right. He always said – ‘’ beyond the stretching point there is only one more point – the breaking point’’.

The same breaking point I have seen in spouses that continue to absorb pain and abuse up to a point when they realize that they have reached a point of diminishing returns. My Economics teacher taught that when you reach a point in production where adding more labor, capital, inputs etc yields no increase in production you would have reached a point of diminishing returns and all additions thereon would be of no positive effect except to increase overheads.

Guys, I will be the first to concede that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes  but we are not meant to live in mistakes. I will be the first to admit that a relationship is an enterprise that requires you to be very accommodating and positively compromise but not jeopardize the good relations. I have been told, I have seen and I have learnt that to love someone means dying to self and living for the good and being of the other.

Sounds simple hey?

But if it were that simple why do I see invisible tears in so many women’s faces? I say invisible because the ingenious people who God created from our ribs can cleverly disguise pain and strain. They will adamantly deny that all is not well in paradise when the brothers query their husband’s late hours. They will defend their men folk in the face of brazen storms to the extent of wanting to severe relations with their biological kin. Why? They remotely hope and pray that their men folk would prove them right!!

So when you indulge in multiple relationships , stay out late, sleep out , fail to look after your family all you are doing is take the lady to a point beyond the stretching point. How many times do you expect to find outstretched arms when you walk into the house at 0500hrs reeking of alcohol and your zip stained with semen? I have seen good women turned into vixens and Jezebels by their partners. I have seen men who take the love of their spouses for granted only to reduced to nothing after losing them. I have seen wonderful children grow into bitter and vindictive adults because of men who failed to be men and lived like boys till they were old.

The answer to less turmoil lies in men being men! Men that will not cause pain, hurt, stress, strain and hatred, but men who will love, protect, care, adore and embrace.

As the sun rises to turmoil tomorrow, check over your shoulder and see if right from your bedroom to the street and the nation that  you are not being a catalyst for turmoil for there is a price to pay for such. Eventually.

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