Solemn days

After all the festivities are past and the resolutions have started to crumble, I have discovered that it is also the time that the façade starts to wane. The forced smiles are replaced with target demands and the overdue debts are demanded with venom. It is also at this time that troubles start seeping under the door and the faith defenses start to take a beating after the fortification gotten from the annual ten-day fasts. It is also the time that we get shaken to our foundations and we are found constantly questioning God for our pain.

At times I imagine God to be this big gentle giant seated at top of the earth’s axis on an armchair that rocks to the orbit of the mother earth. I imagine Him smiling away at my ranting and ravings and turning to His Son seated on his right and saying,” see what your hanging on the cross brought us!” This always sobers me up and I am left knowing that whatever storm I am surfing God will always superintend my steps.

So to all the brothers who are taking pain for the good that they stand for – I say chin up brothers. Let us see the good out of all the storms that are blowing. In earnest,  when a storm has swept and raged past a city there remains an overwhelming calm that refreshes and gives ground for rebirth.

To all the sisters going through the pain routine, I say the darkest hour is before dawn. To abandon a race when you can smell the fresh sand is the greatest folly one can make. Rather you be carried over the finish line than be stretchered off 100 meters away from it. The woman in you is stronger than you know and it will take the testing for you to discover the tensile strength of your persona.

One lesson I have learnt in my life time is to always stand back after a crisis, mourn the loss, bandage the wounds and topmost of all, LEARN AT LEAST ONE THING FROM THE EXPERIENCE.  Ever since I took that mantra I have become more positive and learnt to see well and derive teaching even in pain.

So whatever the pain you are going through, brave it, muscle it, battle it and bear one thing in mind : The sun will rise tomorrow.

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