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Sneeze the snooze!

Whoever invented the snooze button has a lot of issues to blame for. The snooze option is the mastermind of a lot of delayed dreams, missed chances and at times, fatal results. Today my Garmin watch allowed me to snooze the first alarm and I keep at it for five good five-minute intervals but when I eventually came to at 0525 it did not tell me about the alarm I missed 5 minutes ago! It told me of the alarm I missed at the onset, 0500 hours. So, in essence, the snooze button cost me a good 25 minutes.

I spent the whole day bemused by this incident and eventually got to fully appreciate what that wise sage meant when he said you snooze, you lose !

Life is what you make it: If you snooze, you lose; and if you snore, you lose more. -Phyllis George

I have snoozed on a lot of things in my life and largely I have gone on to pay the cost. Today’s incident made me take stock of the many snoozes in my life and my finding is that I could have done better with less or no snoozes at all.

A snooze is as good as a hesitation, that missed moment will never come back, that good intention will never present itself again, so one has to learn to seize the moment and run with the wave or be washed ashore.

I have snoozed my Garmin Connect running app a number of times and with every missed day the confidence dashboard from my online running coachwent on to reduce the completion confidence probability.

I have since learnt that snoozing eats into our courage and intent and plants hesitance and delay into our dreams. Show me a man who constantly achieves his dreams, and I will show you a man who does not listen to the snooze button.

The cost of snooze is pain. You have to double to catch up, you have to strain the muscles more to catch the goal and fitness levels under the same timeline and this brings aches, injury risks and potential failure, all because one hit snooze.

Snoozed times can never be regained, they are like a missed kiss, you can only try to imagine the euphoria it would have brought had you caught the moment. I have seen the agony on the face of a driver battling a ratty starter, when the crank misses the starter by a millisecond the engine makes as if to start only to roll to a shudder again: that is the cost of a snooze.

We snooze to lose !

We lose the snooze, we catch the breeze!

Sneeze the snooze!


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Moyo Patience

We snooze to lose👌👌we lose to snooze

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