Running on my birthday

Today I turned a year older. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw I look more like my dad, that means I am really growing old.

Turning older has taught me that I can walk away from potential road rages, that I don’t always have to floor the pedal for no reason.

Growing older has taught me to bite my tongue than retort.  I have learnt to approach with caution and to wear the other person’s shoes.

Growing older has brought more perspective and sobriety.  Reckless dreams are being tempered to goals and visions and adrenalin is slowly being replaced by reason and courage.

Growing older weans the crowd.  I have learnt I can’t please the world and I can’t live my life while chasing the world’s whims. I have learnt to be me.

I have learnt, and am still learning, to walk away and know when to stop.

Growing older means nearing my end. This sobering thought asks questions.
It asks of achievements.

It asks of legacy
It asks of final destiny
It whispers about post work security
White hair
Frail years
And yes,
The ultimate end.

I guess growing up has its burdens.  I embrace them and will remember them everytime I lace my running shoes.

I must run this life…. in  MY shoes



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Sithabile N Ncube

Hallo love

Interesting article. Lovely article about your life’s purpose/ discovery/ growth/ perspective. But what is the aim or purpose of your blog? Whom are you writing to? Is it family & friends or businesses or organisations? Who is it for? What do they gain from it? Is it about you & your life experiences? Is it a journal? I have asked you before that if it’s personal, why do you put it on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a platform for people looking for a job or to be discovered by other organisations or businesses to businesses to do joint ventures.

I love your deep writing skills. Keep up the good work love, hope you one day write articles for newspapers or books. But what/ who is phindelamuses? Your life journey/day to day experiences?


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