Rich appetite 

​I don’t know who is the owner of this photo. But the son of man sees a lot of irony in the picture. To start with the shell of what was once a thriving bus company that fed many and was work to many drivers , inspectors and conductors who in turn were breadwinners.
The bus shell is now a body not even on wheels and nobody will ride it.  It is on grass instead of being on the road.
The passengers cannot ride. They disembarked a long time ago and chose to walk.
The proverbial bus was cannibalised and those who did it went to build their own cars, luxury cars.
Those who drove the buses went hungry.
They see those that cannibalised the bus. They feast and throw crumbs on the floor.
I say the picture is poignant. 
I say the banner is prophetic.
Whoever that young man is
Whoever the photographer is
I say they are prophets

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Sibangani Nkomo

Sweet lemons

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