Re-store to factory settings?

After a massive struggle I discovered that I could not operate the gizmo in my hand anymore. Every option given in the menu served to confound me more and more. I could not even remember how to revert to the point where I could simply make calls and forget about sending video clips, going online etc.

This had started as a simple adventure to while away lazy time (is there anything like that?). As I scrolled through my phone menu I found it asking me questions like ‘activate diverts?’’ accept adverts?’’ ‘’ turn on community broadcast?’’ Etc. I adventurously consented to these and when I wanted to use my mobile for a call I found I had barred myself from making calls and my phone was no longer giving delivery reports. Wow!!

Mystified, I tried to retrace my steps and I took me agonizingly more time than the time I had spent on the lazy run and after all the effort, I was still none the wiser !! This is when common sense tells you to look for the manual but the instructions apparently worsened my plight until I got to the last menu page which asked me “Re-store to factory settings?’’.

Now this is an ominous question, after all the tangle and mess I was not sure what factory settings meant but what had I to lose? I accented and the phone dimmed 30 seconds and suddenly I had my phone back to the state it was when I unpacked it minus all the personal settings I had dictated to it.

Suddenly I was free again. Free to dictate terms and set up my profiles (and hopefully not free to cause another glitch again).

This set me thinking. After so much re designing of our lives, after so many alterations to our Life operating systems we at times find ourselves at wit’s end not knowing what to do to untangle and undo the issues portending. At times we reach the verge of wanting to decimate ourselves because of the situations we would have gotten ourselves into. Like my mobile, we punch so many buttons in a bid to learn but only discover we are now worse off than the time when we were applying the simple mode.

My phone set me thinking. If I could revert to original factory settings and re deploy my intents with the phone could I not do the same with those facets of life that I have hit painful glitches with? If my mobile could revert  to a communicate mode , be able to text and report sms delivery once again then I can also revert to the betterness mode , the mode that seeks to make things better , the mode that says I can do better . If a man-made gadget can res discover itself after being messed up what more a God made being?

All we need is to find and punch the consent button to the question ‘’ Re-store to factory settings?’’ and then we will find ourselves back to basics.

As the sun rises tomorrow face your glitches, confront your snags, labour on your meltdowns: start by re storing to factory settings.

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