Our words

Our words and the power behind them reflect us. Constantly we are reminded not to speak ill of any one or to let ill speech spout from us. The good word has it that ‘as a man speaketh, so he is’. No further truth can exemplify that. Each word from our minds is a measure of the negative or positive in us.

It is good to speak for the eventual good of all and sundry. Many suffer the folly of always putting their foot in the mouth the moment they open it. Maybe the starting point is to rationalize on the need to speak at that time for some man has said that at times silence is golden.

Speaking must be in the intent of doing well or seeking redress. I have seen many a man speak out of turn and go on to spoil occasions and opportunities. I have seen many a man keep silent when it was good to speak and life immediately confined them to the dustbin of mediocrity.

Speaking must be motivated by the rationale of doing better or thriving for more good. Speaking must not be impulsive as most words that come at the spur of the moment normally advertise our emotion than our strength of restraint. Do you see a man who is able to measure and think a calm response in the face of a barrage of accusations and emotional taunts? That person has the capacity to walk to the King’s foyer and speak for his life.

Speaking must be preceded by thinking. Only sinking men have spoken before thinking and all it has brought them is misery and pain. If one cannot fully apply their mind to the issue and matter at hand it would be wise and better not to speak than to flail and fail.

Speaking must be for a cause. What good will your words inspire? Will they cause correction or dereliction? Will they give direction or diversion? Will they inspire vision or a drunken immersion and a drowning of well-meant motives?

Speaking must be for those who cannot. Taking the burden off some heavily loaded soul is a humanitarian passion most of us avoid. How many innocents go guilty because we have hesitated to testify of their innocence? How many pains would have been avoided if we had seen the good of planting a good word of warning in some ear that we shied away from only to come running to offer words of commiseration when the milk has already spilled?

We can never be said to speak too much if we speak the truth and intend good from our speech. Good words can never be an overdose. Encouragement can never be deemed to be overdone but too much criticism turns a willing heart into vinegar.

Do you see a forlorn man? Speak to him about a better tomorrow. Do you a distraught spouse? Turn her attention to the marvel of the angelic faces of her children and their unfailing trust in her. Do you see a despondent subordinate? Speak to them the vision of positive vibes and the fact that it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. Do you see a cursing world? Speak to it a positive vibe that tells of a better and brighter tomorrow as long as the sun will still rise.

Your well thought, calculated and measured words are better than medicine. They can inspire, build, convict, challenge, restrain, re-engage and re-rail a soul that had lost vision. The opposite is an expensive venture I dare not contemplate totaling.

Your words are power. No soldier shoots without aiming. And one who speaks without thinking is a fool.

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