I saw a child playing with his toys . There was a reckless abandon in the way he handled and handed them away. It was because he had parents who could afford to replace them at the rate he broke and dispensed of.
I saw a man drive over potholes with glee. I later learnt that he cared for nothing for he had many vehicles at his disposal and he saw no need to negotiate bad corrugated roads and potholes.
I saw a parent that did not pay close attention to his many children. He surmised that at least one of them would be able to cater for his welfare in his twilight years.
But the child with one toy took all care with it. He treasured and secured it and when it broke,it broke his heart for he had no recourse to another toy. The same with the man who had one car that he diligently drove with care and trusted that the care he put into it was going to reward him with more mileage.
The parent with one child took all care that nothing happened to their only child. All their pain , strength and devotion went to the child who then grew up to reward the parents by being a trendsetter and milestone setter.
All those who run life with the mantra of options are reckless and do not put full attention and effort to the first hand task. They believe in a right to recourse . They buy recklessly banking on the option of Repair, Return or Refund. This costs time, effort and convenience.
In this life I have lived I have learnt that options are expensive. They cost faith,time and emotion. I have learnt that to bank on options ebbs the confidence on the course you have set because you run with a mental backdrop that tells you that there is an alternative in the event things become tough.
Options cause people to leave exit gates open and not to burn bridges. This creates half devotions, poor commitment and disloyalty. Options are escape clauses that we hope to take refuge in when the furnace brings all the heat. So, options are drawbacks that make us take the foot off the pedal when it would have been better to press on.
I aver options cannot be good components of a life’s journey if it is to be run with diligence. After all hell is not Heaven’s option, is it?
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