of wipers and blades

In the part of the world I live in we are in the form of season where it is slightly windy overnight and a thin film of dust tends to overlay cars that would not have been sheltered overnight.

It is during one such morning that I learnt a pivotal lesson in life. Getting into the car, I reversed out of the gate onto the main way. As I shifted to move forwards, I realised that the windscreen was overlain by a film of dust that gave the vehicle an untidy appearance. In a quick bid to clean the screen I activated the screen spray button that squirted water on the expanse of the screen.

This was followed by the automatic activation of the wipers which would then wipe away the water and the dust but alas this is not what happened. Instead, I heard an unsightly sound of metal rubbing against glass and I realised it was on the screen. Quickly I deactivated the wipers which returned to their rest position with another sickening scratch.  A quick inspection showed that the rubber blades had slid off the catches of the wiper arm and had left the metal part of the wiper arm in contact with the screen.

This meant that the water had not been washed away and the metal had run across the screen. It took less than a minute to refit the blades unto the wiper arm and I was good to go but I could see some faint arc where the metal had run across the screen.

This set me thinking.

Failure to take caution can result in harm. I could have walked round the car and taken note of, and addressed any anomalies before driving away but I was in such a hurry to get to the office that I threw caution to the wind.

The same hits our lives. We neglect small things that later on blight our lives at large at a later stage.

Failure to put things in place causes pain and harm. If I had put the blades back into position the screen would not have suffered that painful episode. This reminded me of the reckless unbufferred words owe throw at others without caution. They hurt and cause indelible pain. Before activating our verbal gears it is a noble thing to check and see if they are buffeted as not to damage those receiving them.

When we fail to tackle wrongs in time we breed only trouble for ourselves for our lack of consciousness will later prove to be our undoing. Failure to speak against wrongs normally has us picking the emotional bill at the end of the day. It is the price we pay for playing blind when we could have called things to order.

Our efforts to make things clear and right should be followed by the correct applications. Good intent supported by wrong content brings about harm. So our intents must be supported by the same levels of good concern, pro action, concern and care. Rubberise the wipers. Re adjust the lengths of our deeds and aim for a clean score. 

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Rumbidzai maketo

Well said bbf nt good to js rush. We shld take our tym to address issues. Thank u

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