of eagles and eggshells

Walking away from a prayer summit on a rocky place one morning, I was beholden by the sight of a soaring eagle. Its upward ride seemed effortless and portrayed a majestic supremeness that made me understand why all other birds scurried to stay out of its way.

The good book has it that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and in the process of renewal they shall mount with wings as eagles. What an apt illusion. He that has seen then might exuded by an absailing eagle fully understands the might and the vigor behind the seemingly effortless glide.

But we admire the eagle for what it does. We admire it for the potent it portrays and the ferocity it displays. All that we see is a result of what started as an egg laid in a scraggly nest and was nursed to hatching point.

This set me thinking. If the eagle I saw had not taken the unction to break the eggshell at its hatching it would not have lived to soar in the sky. In as much as the embryo and the albumen were seeds of eagles, it was of not much potent until it broke the eggshell and explored the whole wide expanse beholding it.

Actually if the eagle egg had been mixed with the dove and owl eggs nothing would have set it apart. Actually the other eggs would not have rolled away because an eagle egg had been set amidst them but I can imagine what flurry would arise if an eagle landed amongst doves and owls.

This made me realize that our potential is never realized until we break the eggshells. Our greater strengths are never tested until we break our dependent walls and introduce ourselves to the outside world.

A bird cannot stay forever in an egg. Sooner it outgrows the shell and its nutrition demands cannot be met from the egg’s supply and yet no external feeding can be provided because of the eggshell. It will take breaking the shell to exit the constraints of the eggshell to enter the unlimited parallels of the greater universe.

An eagle is no different from any other bird when it is still encased in an eggshell. It becomes a bird of supremacy when it breaks the constraining dependency walls and declares independence and the right to conquer the skies.

Are there any eggshells restraining you from soaring into the sky? Are there any inhibitions encouraging your dependency habit yet stunting your growth?

No eagle develops into a bird of regal prowess in an eggshell so break the shells and be the eagle you are meant to be.


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nomathemba tshuma



Profound. Thanx, keep them rolling.

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