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The christening monologue still must wait. Something crossed my mind after someone had taken the liberty to call me a name that is akin to those canines kept at home to keep thieves at bay. The normal expected response would have been to flip and turn temperemental cartwheels and let all sundry know that I had been demoted from being a human being to being an animal.

But wait, I know I might have animal prone instincts but I am not an animal. My existence is not to be part of the food chain but to manage the food chain. I carry within me a mandate that supersedes all human thought and with the full cognition of the fact that there is a divine power behind that mandate no one and nothing can stop me, except myself.

It is not the insult that hurts.  It is the motive of the insult that should be read. I have seen smartly dressed ladies being called sluts by street hobos. The motive is to drive a message that says you are better dressed than me and therefore the only undressing that I can do you is to emotionally strip you. So bravo to the lady who keeps on walking shoulder-high and to those tempted to answer back, please check your dignity gauge before you do and see how much decline it will take if you engage in a verbal melee.

But I digress, I am not an animal, I have a special mandate. A mandate has one who assigns. It cannot be carried out without an oversight. Therewith comes our mistake, we try to carry out our mandates without referring to the sender or the blueprint owner. At times we go out of our way to try to re write the rule book to avoid referring to the mandate owner. We attempt to build our own fiefdoms and hope to be masters of our own destinies. We try to be our own gods.

Hitler was not an animal, he was a human being born for the good of human kind until he departed from the mandate and sort to create a race from his own blueprint. He sought to be his own god. Then the extremities began, then the contempt begun, then other human beings were seen as pests and holocausts occurred. His ingenuity had a limit, it ended were God’s mandate began and Hitler’s failure to recognize that fact cost him and humanity an opportunity to acknowledge God’s infallible power. For God has a mandate over Africans , Asians , Jews , Caucasians, Mongols etc. and nowhere in His mandate does he intend to exterminate one race in favour of another.

The humanity around the place where the tower of Babel occurred was doing well until they misread and rewrote their mandate. Instead of serving on the earth they sought to scale the stratosphere to go and hold a round table with God. They sought to be gods themselves and the result was more chaos than before. Talk of four steps forward and ten back, all because of misread mandates.

So I know what I am. It is not in my brief to behave like a dog so I will take no offence in being called a dog (though I will remonstrate of course). I might not know my full mandate but I have an ace up my sleeve for  I know the one who wrote the mandate’s blueprint. As long as I keep cognizance of that then I know I am better than an animal and I am designed to achieve greater things: through the designer.

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