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The christening tale must wait a bit. Something struck me as I drove past the rail town of Plumtree this afternoon. I saw a group of expectant ladies (actually, when is a lady a mother? On conceiving or on giving birth? – that’s another monologue for another day). So, back to the ladies, they were trooping in some line on the road leading to the Plumtree District Hospital. On their heads they carried bundles of firewood of different lengths and weight.

The long and short of it is that these ladies come to stay at the hospital waiting to give birth. Due to certain circumstances they cannot get access to electricity to cook and heat water at their awaiting quarters, so every day they troop out to get firewood and I guess everyday they have to walk a longer distance to collect the same amount of firewood.

This got me thinking, it means that the expectant lady who will come to wait to give birth at the hospital in three months’ time will walk more kilometers to get fire wood than the lady who currently is expecting and is already waiting at the hospital. This happens just because they have made a choice to want to give birth in an assured environment or certain developments have caused them to be referred to go and await delivery at the hospital. Whatever the situation, the birth place of their children has been determined and short of giving birth while gathering firewood, the birth cards are going to reflect Plumtree District Hospital as their children’s place of birth.

This made me to think deeply, nobody is born in a wrong place or at a wrong time. The circumstances might not be permissible but the time and the place is right. Even if birth is by inducing, that is the right time and place. Even if the mother goes into labour by being head-butted by an imbecile that is the right time!!

So, I was born at the right time. No other time could have been better. The environment might not have been the best but the time was the best. Any time less I would not have had the same circumstances, any time beyond I would have had complications exiting the womb and entering the Mother Earth. So I aver my birth was at the right time and at the right place for the right reasons.

Whether born in a sewer alley, or a rubbish dump, prison cell, palace or plane the fact does not change. The birth was at the right time for it is the successful birth that matters and not the success associated with the place of birth. Whether born out-of-wedlock or out of an act of rape is not the issue, the import is in the successful birth that began a path to be the best one can be irrespective of the place, circumstances and time.

The right time implies a right reason, purpose, destiny and blueprint, the circumstances do not matter but the resolve powered by the success of the birth should be fuel for all future aspirations, goals, visions and battles.

Next, I monologue the christening.

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