my monologues (1)

Dear God,

This is not a prayer (for I fear that the answers to some questions might invoke your wrath). The teachers say when we pray we talk to you. I am not sure whether we talk to you or with you but whatever it is, the talk involves you dear God.

But I digress; I meant to indicate that these are my mumblings as I live this life. These are things that run through my mind everyday but I can’t pray them aloud or talk about them to anyone so I opt to talk to myself in a monologue that can’t be directed to you dear God straight but which I know you hear after all.

To start with, dear God thank you for allowing me to win my first race. My biology teacher says there were a million of us battling and expending energy in an uphill swim in an environment that can be likened to be acidic. And I won.

Secondly thank you for making me take the right direction, the same teacher says I could have swum up the wrong tube to die a disappointed sperm but that did not happen because I happened to be steered in the correct direction. I will not assume any credit for this for I do not know how I did it.

Thirdly thank you for allowing me to hit bull’s eye and be accepted as the sperm that fertilized the egg. In all this I had no input so I can only deduce that it was your unction dear God that carried me through.

Fourthly thank you for allowing me to fully develop and to see the light of the earth. This was by no means a feat arising from my efforts. It was not by my effort that my father did not disown me ( may you bless his soul), it was not by my means that I was not still-born, it was not by my power that my mother never thought to terminate my existence. It was not my input in all these steps that carried me through, so I can safely deduce dear God that it was You who oversaw all this.

So dear God these monologues are coming from a product existing because of your will. They come from a victor who won his first race and has reason to believe that all race s are possible to be run if not won.  Incidentally my name means victor when translated and I know that I owe all my victories to your guiding hand. I won my first race because of you God, millions others came second, millions others swam up the wrong way. I was a victor from the start and I will monologue in an effort to keep the path of victory which I have come to realize I cannot undertake without you dear God. I thus pray your indulgence as I talk alone in your presence my Father.

Your faithful son,

The seed that won the race



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