Milestones or kilometre pegs are funny creatures. They tell you how far you have come and how much you still need to cover. Comedians and preachers have always warned their crowds that they should never be like milestones that tell the pending distance but have never been to the projected destination.

But it is different with the milestones of life. These must be read , understood and appreciated with great discernment . While we celebrate the obvious milestones of life like birth, coming of age, academic attainment, marriage etc, we tend to overlook the other dark milestones that assail us and run parallel to us as we run the race of life.

The dark milestones are a reminder of where we have been, what we have done and what we have failed. No one wants to look at where there have fallen especially after they have stood up and dusted themselves but I aver that looking at the ground where we fell makes aware of what caused us to fall.

Looking at the dark milestones helps us avoid similar pitfalls ahead. Failing to read the dark milestones has us repeating the same blunders and foolishly suffering the same pain. Failing to curb the excesses has us hitting empty on the same incline every time we try to go on extra drive. Failing to learn from our mistakes( read dark milestones) turns us into obliging fools who get hit, fall at the same point, all the times.

This day, read your milestones. Celebrate the darkness they brought you as a harbinger of light. Accept the pain they reflect as a warning not to stray to the thorny path again. Accept the mistakes reflected as lessons for the future.

Milestones are not meant to bog you down or punch the air out of you. You are meant to mount the milestones so as to see clearly ahead riding on the heads of the things that were meant to tear us down.

Milestones are stepping stones to the future. Celebrate them, do not rue them.

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