Marching on

One difficult thing in life is to taste your own medicine. I believe even doctors find it difficult to treat themselves. It is not the simplicity of the prescription but the application of the dose that taxes our reserves.

I have learnt that in life, such times do occur. When all the chips are down and even the’’ get out of jail card’’ fails you. These are times when even the best of friends seem (take note I say seem) to only serve to disappoint. These are the times when you fail to burn the bridges and you find yourself consorting and cavorting with the devil again.

I have learnt that these times are for our good. Challenging times bring sobriety. They act as a sieve that will sift all chaff and only retain valuable ingredients. Challenges tend to bring true color out of the people around us. Do you see a man who will stick with you and still call you a pal even when you no longer have a cent to your name and your bed has been carried away from under you? That man will walk to the moon and back to save your life.

I have learnt that every challenge, hiccup, hindrance, difficulty etc is a test station. At every test station there is need to re fuel, take stock, test the brakes and ponder the distance left viz- a-viz the fuel reserves in store. Failures come when we use test stations as rest stations and by the time we deem it good to move the rail is blown away.

I have learnt that my life is a journey. Whatever problem I will come across I will not allow it to be a full stop. I will not terminate my life at a problem point. For it is my conviction that all problems eventually have solutions but the issue is that we seek the wrong solutions, or we look at the wrong places or we seek at the wrong time.

It is my trust that my life is a march. A march must not to be deadened by challenges but a march must be strengthened by the knowledge of knowing that beyond a problem is a solution. No army has aborted a march because of an ambush. The same applies in life, whatever issues hinder us in our lives are ambushes meant to make us stronger, alert, cunning and wiser. Only a foolish man will abort his march to victory because of a distraction.

Marching on saps energy. Marching on calls to defy odds. Marching on calls unto the deeper reserves. Marching on cannot be without a vision. So when our own wisdom fails us, the vision and the acceptance that all challenges are strengths should carry us through.

Do you see a man who does not give up when faced with a problem? That man knows of the lesson, moral, motivation and elation that comes after surmounting a challenge. That man knows victory comes in calculated stages.

That marching man keeps fighting because he knows the sun will rise tomorrow.

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