Lead I shall follow, or will I?

Of late I have found myself having more questions than answers. The landscape around me is suddenly littered with issues that indicate a fault with leadership. From failed states , failed economies , dying social structures and doomed churches. My questions always end up on one avenue : where are the lead voices when the wheels are coming off?

Some say people get the leaders they deserve and I always wonder what gets us to the point where we are said to get the shepherds we deserve. But then I always ponder to think. To what extent did the Germans deserve Hitler? What of apartheid? Did they deserve these?

My key resonant always ends with the leadership that saw off the said difficult phases than the leadership that sat the realm during those ills.

Are we leaders when we just keep the momentum? Then what do caretakers do?I have seen janitors preside over mansions that crumbled to slums and all they said was that their task was to sweep the passage clean and as long as they had their back room all was well till urban regeneration hit them. Janitors can’t be leaders.

I refuse to believe in a leadership dimension that does not subscribe to servant leadership. A set of people whose thought does not go beyond their bellies. Those are gluttons not leaders.

I refuse to believe in a dimension that does not see beyond tomorrow. I can’t see you as a leader if your vision does not factor my children and their future in it. Blind visionaries cannot be leaders.

I refuse to believe in dumb pioneers. Those people that whisper the truth in their pillows and whimper on the dais. Leaders speak beyond the accepted norms because leaders are an exception and exceptions are not for cowards.

Our sphere needs a re-engineering of the whole leadership ethos. There is enough salivating but no affirmation. There is enough gluttony but few brave enough to break the monotony.

I refuse to be weighed down with lead on my neck. I choose to be led. By leaders, not loaders. Or ……

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“A set of people whose thought does not go beyond their bellies” Trajectory of African leadership, power consumes the so called leaders and expands their bellies and soon they are embroiled in senseless struggles as they seek to acquire the lions share. Belly and the beast to belly in the best and beast in the belly!

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