Is it a new year ?

Seated at a hilltop and seeing the expanse of the world through my lens assisted myopic eyes , I am beholden by a thought. It is 1st January 2015. Firecrackers done, social media replied and then what?

Is it indeed a new year ? One wise one said there is nothing new on the earth and here we are celebrating a new year.

In this year people will be born, some will die, some will come into fortune, some suffer misfortune, like every other year.

Yes we will get older , some sadder, some fatter, some jobless. It also happened last year.

As the wind blows past me I realize it is not celebrating the year that will turn the tide. It is appreciating and savoring every moment and living it like it is the last that will make the difference.

It is counting every minute and valuing every living moment that will make the difference.

The difference between us and the dead is that we still have a chance to forgive,reconcile,progress and make a difference.

Doing these things will make a new year to us when we discover the inner strengths that we never knew about and when the ones we affect gain more trust in humanity because of our outstretched helping hand.

That’s a new year. Do the things you are meant to do. Refresh someone’s life.


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