One difficult thing with God is that when He created the complex creature called a human He did not send the blueprint with them at birth. This would have made life a whole lot easier as all difficulties would have been solved by consulting the ‘accompanying manual’. Now that this is not possible, we are all faced a with a plethora of pain , death , stress , hatred , anger  and all negativity that turns us into wild animals and I always wonder – was this God’s honorable intention?

Obviously no.

It was not God’s intention that marital beds be a source of death

It was not God’s intention for the institution of marriage to be a Siberian exile camp to serve a life sentence.

It was not God’s intention that the children we bred grow to resent, hate and fight everything that we, as their parents, stand for.

It was not God’s intention that wedded bliss turns to bleeding malaise.

It was not God’s intention that hard work and determination were to be replaced with corruption and loose morals

So much of all that we have become was never meant to be by God.

But I realized something.

Our intentions and the energy we apply toward attaining them makes us who we are.  I have seen a lazy man intent on been rich slowly design his path to jail. I have seen unfaithful couples with selfish intents drive their marriages to the ground. I have seen self-serving authorities gain all their intents but lose the adoration of the people they lead. It all hinges on intentions.

This made me think.

How honorable are my intentions to the person next to me?

How honorable are my intentions to my employer?

How honorable are our intents to the people that we wake up next to everyday?

This makes me ask:

If we were all honorably honest with our intents would humanity be in this morass??

As the sun rises tomorrow, how honorable will be your intentions?


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…….even if the intentions are indeed honourable …. thats what its paved with, the road to Hell… GOOD INTENTIONS
what a curious riddle.

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