Here is my short take of life.

My take is that things will not always be rosy but it doesn’t mean you will always be slinging mud.

My take is that you might not be loved by all but that does not make you the devil.

My take is that you may go through hell but make sure you do not get bogged down while going through the process.

My take is that your faith might take a beating but you mustn’t be for the devil’s eating.

My take is that things will never be fair but even in those tilted scales there is a chance written for you: it is called opportunity.

My take is that major fall-outs are always going to be there but your strength should enable you to fall back.

My take is that you will go through pain but the truth will come out clear and plain.

My take is at times you will feel God has made a pact with the devil for you to be sifted to fine powder. When that happens, know that the strength to carry you through will also be granted.

My take is that at times you will hate yourself, for all the pain you have let into your life, for the fool you have played, for the scars you carry, for the shame you bear, for the stumbles you are going through. You might want to give yourself pain for not being discerning or clever enough.

You might want to kick yourself for being unwise, gullible, not proactive etc. but my take is that all things that happen to us are destined to make us better. My take is that the hurting spouse, the gnawing disease, the stressful job, the hating neighbor etc are all test points in the trail of life.

And my final take is that if all these had not happened to you there is no way you would have unraveled the inner strength in you.

So whatever it takes, my take is that the sun is going to rise tomorrow and that is a divine take.

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