Hannah Re-Loaded

When God opened the womb of the barren woman, things changed. I picture this woman suffering her first morning sickness wondering what she ate last night that upset her tummy!! Little did she know that she was throwing up because of an answered prayer and an unburdened soul. She had conceived because she had unloaded to God and gone back home with a sweet countenance.

And because she had gone back home with a sweet countenance the husband suddenly rediscovered the woman he had fallen in love with in the beginning. Naturally, because of her restoration, he fell in love with her again and naturally the process of love resulted in more copulation encounters and naturally, the man’s seed hit bull’s eye. She had conceived: she was going to be a mother.

This was Hannah reloaded. Gone was the mourning software, she was not going to cry anymore for she had sent her burdens to the RECYCLE BIN (she had offloaded to the Almighty God). Never was the pain going to come to haunt her again. She was done with refusing to eat, all the missed meals were being revenged with gusto and naturally the bones filled in and she took a feminine shape and no wonder Elkanah started seeing more of her tent door than that of Peninah!!

Gone was being reduced to tears by her rival. I always imagine that every time Peninah fell pregnant she would spite Hannah by donating her tampons and panty shields since it was a foregone conclusion that Hannah would always have monthly menses. I imagine the pain every time she heard Peninah’s steps coming to her tent for she knew they brought pain, until Hannah was reloaded!!

When Hannah was reloaded she could afford to smile at her rival and tell her she also would not need the tampons for the next nine months!! I imagine the horror on Peninah’s face, gone was her terror weapon, gone was a weapon of mass destruction that she had been using against her rival (leverage). She had met her match in a re- loaded Hannah who only cared about telling God her issues and letting Him manage the issues.

Tomorrow, may you wake up a reloaded person. May you wake up with a countenance that knows where to take your burdens. May you wake up with a sweet countenance that will make your rival do a double take. Wake up with all your burdens unloaded to Him and your joy reloaded and may your status read: RELOADED!!



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