This is going to be my shortest post. It is dedicated to a breed of people that have kept the world on its axis (though largely unappreciated). This is to a people that we bang phones at, swear at, fight with, remove from Facebook connections and yet these are the people whose hand reaches out to pull you out of the deep muck.

This is to a people that fade away from your life when all is good and only appear just in time to save you from drowning.

A people that will give an arm and a leg to save your life.

A people that will walk miles to bring you blankets so that you do not freeze and yet they once had to make do with threadbare ones when your closets were overflowing with excess blankets.

These are people who will hug you even when the clothes you slept in will rub off their nightmare musk onto their suits. The people who will run their hands over your head in adoration even if it brings your dandruff freckles raining onto their satin shirts.

This is a people that will pull you from the lepers’ colony and help scrap the pus from your fermenting wounds. This is the people who will stand with you even when your spouse tells you to ‘curse God and die’. This breed will not hit you when you are down yet they will tell you to the face that you are mad when you are being insane and will slap you hard if it was the only way to bring you to your senses.

These are the people who will give you their pie even if it was their only meal for the day.

A people who will defy gravity, threats, divorce and sickness to be there for you.

This is in honor of friends.

Take a moment and ponder on the good that friends have brought into your life.

They are good friends.

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