Good morning Your Excellency

Good morning Your Excellency

Sir, allow me to justify my engaging you by using a term I learnt from the recent events at the Constitutional Court. Sir I would like to justify my pith of the fulcrum by attaching the following annex.

Arising from the above text, I can safely conclude that your engaging me was based on the premise that I will respond to your text.

It is the same premise that I now invoke Your Excellency to request a reciprocal event from you. It is obvious I am not eliciting a vote because there is no more an election at stake.

Your Excellency all I am eliciting for your attention is just a few matters, but knowing that you are a busy man, I will restrict myself to one point at a time.


Your Excellency, it is a given that this was not the best of performances in the overall political sphere. We applaud the peace and liberty of association that took place. I will not bother to break down the nitty gritties but I would like to draw to your attention that we need to go forward irrespective of how we feel about what what happened.

Your Excellency, in the next five years the moot is to drive a reform agenda. Please take note that this must not be read to mean a faction. Re form is meant to introduce a better way of dealing with issues and giving an ethos better impetus.

What do we want to reform? Our dream and drive is to see and actually influence a change in leadership perceptions. I am aware that you have committed to be a listening leader. I, and many others want more, we want you to be a servant leader.

And it is not only you that I and others want to be a servant leader , we want all the people thrust into leadership not to ever lead unless they understand that they are going to be serving as servant leaders. Yes. That’s it.

Servant leadership will turn this nation around Sir.

I know that you are busy ref the inauguration tomorrow so I will leave this reform agenda after just presenting one pillar and repith my fulcrum next week.

Good day Your Excellency


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kkkkk the pith is a reform agenda


Well said sir. Thank you for doing this for us.

Bro Leo

My brother.Very interesting reading.Reforms are a prerequisite bro


Good morning dear sir we hapy for a good men
Well done to his escellecy mr the president
All the best
The men we need to rebuild the great zimbabwe


For this, My Lord, I thank you. Now waiting for next week’s fulcrum…or is it pith😋

Mai Bhonzo

Kkkkk, that’s a good, one my Lord

liberty dimingo

AS a busy man who is also always out and about in the wilderness. I am going to restrict myself to one article yours only so i can follow on the fulcrum or the pith at play. My Lord.


Ed is the man for this transitional season.Servant leadership yebo…sifuna ukuthi laye abe nguthuma mina


The fucrum/pith of Servant leadership as coined by its proponent Robert Greenleaf is that it, “begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.” and this My Lords and My Ladies is the way to go. Great piece, iam inspired!!!

Blessing Marwa


Njagu Lionel Terence

Well said Sir thank you for speaking out on our behalf


The fulcrum of the pith is the scarf chiwoma ndikupfeke

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