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Good day Your Excellency (4) : Of Cakes and Cholera

Good morning Your Excellency. I am made to understand that yesterday was your birthday. May I take this opportunity to wish you well and all the best as you serve the Nation Sir.

With the aged [you say] is wisdom, and with length of days comes understanding.
Job 12:12 AMPC

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I pray that the age you attained will usher you more wisdom and that you will derive more understanding from the length of the days that have been credited to your name.

Zimbabwe reloaded…Servant leadership free of corruption & red tape

As I went through the archives I came across your commitment to be a listening leader and I appreciate the fact that the mantra of servant leadership has continued beyond the elections rhetoric.

I cut short my birthday writting here Your Excellency Sir.

May I then appeal to you on another matter which I am made to believe you are already seized with : Cholera Sir.

For reasons that I would rather not dwell on now, we find ourselves facing a dilemma of critical proportions with horrific memories assailing people who were affected by the same scourge in 2008. I need not go into details but I only wish to point out that we do not need the grief , pain and scourge of that year Your Excellency.

It will take your hitting the ground running Sir, it will take your marshaling the nation forward Sir, it will take the buck stopping with you to hound this tiger to the horizon and see it over the cliff Sir.

The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.

Brandon Sanderson, The Alloy of Law

I am afraid the cake has to live to be devoured another day Sir. A vital matter awaits.

Good day Your Excellency Sir. May Zimbabwe see better days.




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thomas bhake mupoperi

Well said!


Well said


Well written and praying for our leadership to have wisdom to resolve the problems facing our great Zimbabwe 🇿🇼




#$topcholera. $ funds shld be channelled towards stopping cholera


“The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.”

I will continually remind myself of this profound gem.


Nation first Cakes later .



Rachel chakanyuka

True, thank you.


strue #choleramustfall

Lucien Magutu

The President is a Zimbabwean. When writing to him in order to reminder him of the enemy if the Nation, use a simple and straight English.

But the message is great and should be categorised as a great message of the Year to the president.

The President must leade the people in stopping the monster “cholera” .

2008 is not to be repeated again.

Also people must pick one plastic out of their way daily and a great amount of money will be saved to the economy of Zimbabwe.

Gift Khupe

On point


Truth right there; thanks ndoda. For our leadership, we continue to pray for wisdom and good judgement.

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