Good day Your Excellency (3): Cabinet files

Good evening Sir. On a lighter note I realise and recognise that you have three Ncubes in your Cabinet. You can never go wrong with Ncubes Sir.

From the onset of my letters to you, I sought to appeal to you that there was an inherent need to inculcate a new leadership culture in our country. Gone must be the patronage ilk and in must come the servant leadership mantra. I am grateful that so far you have committed to be a listening leader and a servant leader.

I hear the Cabinet is down to 20 and the age averagely is now hovering at 55.

I hear a renowned banker is now in the Finance Ministry and I hear some permanent ministers have been unglued.

I hear a large part of the country is happy.

Thank you for listening your Excellency. I pray you continue listening.

A leader of good judgment gives stability; an exploiting leader leaves a trail of waste.
Proverbs 29:4 MSG

I believe the appointments were the easier part. Avoiding disappointing the nation is the bigger task Sir.

I pray that the path to the reform agenda and servant leadership does not detour nor derail.



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Mashumba C

3Ncubes,Kikiki, ngibambe konapho


Great job and good day your exellency
Let the wisdom of God be with you
So that you myth know how to role the great nation of zimbabwe
Fighting corruption is the goal that can drive to the success
Let all be behind you for support
So together we can
Thanks is extremellecy mr the president.


Excited about the future!


You can never go wrong with Ncubes…sihle sibavulele amehlo sibone

Ngcobo Samu

Amen to that


Yaaaa sikhona thinà oNcube and let’s hope they will give us the latitude to deliver what we know best and we are principled too- check the space


Now thts a real Cabinet by real leader who mean real business.


Ncubes get the job done!!!The cabinet mix is balanced.Am cautiously optimistic,we will make progress as a nation

Rachel chakanyuka

Just wonderful may the good Lord continue to give you wisdom to lead.

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