Good day Your Excellency (2): The marked finger

Your Excellency Sir. I have a tale of two pictures of one finger. I have greatly resisted adding the screen shot of the now infamous text you sent me before elections to the above pictures.

I am elated that you spoke about being a listening leader and invoked servant leadership in your inauguration speech.

I will not claim you listened or read my previous blog https://phindelamuses.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/good-morning-your-excellency/ but I am glad my plea for you to commit to the servant leadership cause seems to have resonated with you.

Your Excellency, my two images are of the same finger:

  • The first one is from voting day. Fresh and royal hue with anticipation and promise.
  • The second one is today. Almost a month later and now half way up the finger and chemically altered by the day to day detergents.

Therein lies my story your Excellency. One month down the road this mark will be gone but the commitment and expectation still stands.

Tomorrow I might accidentally handle a corrosive detergent that will rub of the remaining mark and all that will remain is the gallery picture and this blog.

Sir, I wrote this blog to indicate that expectations are beyond the nail growth and nail clippers. Promises are beyond chemical discolouration Sir. Expectations and promises are what is driving the nation currently Sir.

I have heard backyard automotive experts say at the worst the remaining vapour in a car’s fuel line might take your a few metres forward before the deadly stutter and stall.

I have never tested the theory but I have a feeling we are running on vapor here your Excellency and sooner than later we will need solid fuel injected into the country’s engine. I forbid, and may the thought perish, that the country will stall Sir.

As you go towards the Cabinet appointment Sir my prayers are with you. I will be praying that you do not forget servant leadership and the reform agenda.

Thank you Your Excellency Sir.



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Alright. He will read your blog


Great piece of work son of Phindela. Am sending this direct to his Excellency the President.


Good evening sir hope you are fine
Am just checking on how is the family

Ikenna ihuoma

Good write up, Mambo..keep the fire burning, Africa need more of people like u, who will prefer not to seek favours from politicians but will tell them the very truth for their own good and the good of the cojbtry. God bless u.


Great work Nqo, His Excellency will definitely read your fair call



Sharon Sibanda

Straight to the point! Great job @NN.


Aluta continua

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