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COVID 19 lessons – Reflections

Everything in excess is opposed to nature – Hippocrates

Before the lockdown I used to swivel my seat from the vantage position at my desk, shift the drapes aside and nod my heard in affirmation.

I would be affirming a sound that I was used to hearing every evening before 1800 hours. It was the sound of the Tombs Scania bus from Kwekwe parking in the exit shed at the Border. This would be followed by sounds of pattering feet as the bus crew pressured the clients to rush into the hallway ahead of the next bus which normally would be Revival bus with its green liverie.

The rivalry banter of opposing bus crews , the belching abnormal trucks laboring under heavy loads would also permate the atmosphere. Everyday, every week the same scenario would occur and we would mark time with certain engine sounds.

Then lockdown happened. The buses went away with their pollution, the crews, the theatrics and drowning sounds.

Today I took a walk down the Border and was met with an eerie quietness. It was not silence, but a quiteness that made me to stop and suddenly hear sounds that I had not heard over a long time at this place.

Birds nestling in at Beitbridge Border Post – video by Nqobile Ncube

I heard birds singing, hundreds of birds swooping to land on trees to settle for the night. For years I realised these birds have always been here but our human activities drowned them out and our occupation blinded us from seeing them.

I recalled that few days ago I had snapped a photo of my totem brother sauntering around a telecomms digital box like an expert and I realise that with the thinned human presence on the ground, wildlife was beginning to boldly make multiple forays into the Border grounds.

The above two scenarios made me wonder if nature was not mocking us by asserting its presence in our time of difficulty. The players in the cited scenes ave always been there but we had no eye and ear for them.

We had been obsessed with our mechanical assets, mechanical sounds and schedules and we forgot the beauty and silence of nature.

As I walked away, I reflected that Covid19 had taught me to listen and pay attention to everything around us, the child crying for attention, a soul reaching out for help, someone needing a shoulder to cry on.

Covid19 has taught me to set aside time for more important things, my spiritual life, my personal relationships and myself.

I have learnt not to major on the excesses and be blind and deaf to reality to avoid a rude awakening. I agree with Hippocrates that everything done in excess is opposed to nature.

What is happening now has happened before, and what will happen in the future has happened before, because God makes the same things happen over and over again.
Ecclesiastes 3:15 NLT



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Lucky J. Matyora

I am impressed. Your power of observation and expression. The birds were so melodious as they roost for the night. As humans, most of the time we miss the sweet songs for the mechanical din of the bus engines. Enjoy nature and don’t be surprised one day a, stray hippo or even a crocodile might also venture into POE.


Hmmm so true we should always pay attention.


What the officer experienced at beigebridge today was also experienced here in Europe, When unusual cats occupied chatelisee and even Wall Street, the most busiest streets in the world became deserted as never before, only God has the commend of everything.

To God be the Glory. Only if we can turn back on to our past then ask the master, our land can be blessed again.

Moyo Patience

Wow what an observation. Covid 19 has indeed come as a serious call for us to value things we never valued n deemed useless. What a twist. God saw it fit and high time. Indeed life will never be the same after this


Thanks for sharing with us. I totally agree with you. COVID 19 is putting many things in place. Here in Uganda there is total silence something I have never been through since I was born. I love the silence in my neighbourhood. A lot of music used to be played. Now there is total silence. I just love it.

I have learnt to walk 2kms and back to do the grocery, something I thought I could not do.

I have found the sweetness of praying with the children every evening, something I don’t have time for before. I took for granted that the prayers I attend in church with others was enough. I thought I could not do without the church, now truely I found my Jesus down on my knees in my room. I feel the presence of God so near these days.

Above all, the hygiene in the city and all around make me just too happy. I wish it could continue like this forever. Many have made it a habit to live a hygienic life.

I pray all these good things happening during these lockdown should be part of us even after the lockdown is lifted.

Emmah Ngoma

Lessons,indeed! My young daughter said, about Covid19, ‘Nature and the universe are saying we have had enough!’ This got me thinking, too that maybe God is talking to us, in some way and we need to listen to His voice. It also reminded me of this quote” God has the sovereign to do what He wishes, and no other explanation is necessary.”-John Frame

Newman Mugandani

Powerful! Let’s repair our nets

Matron Tshuma

Wooow this is eye opening. Now am begining to make sense of a few more things about nature and us. It would seem that we force nature to behave a little resenful towards us because of the things we value more than nature yet we have to co exist


I have learnt that God is always God. The things that we used to look down upon us surely they matters most. Let’s value each other and always put ourselves before God. The end is near.

Sithabile Tee

This is the beginning of the New World Order, gone is the world we knew before. Here we are all looking for new ways of day to day living, doing business, new jobs and socialising like playing Ara Wuru Wuru online, attending Gym live online, ordering a chef to come to cook dinner in your house for an hour, no restaurants etc..

Only The Almighty God is the same yesterday, today and forever…

Mrs Mandaza

The land shall heal. Hallelujah. We believe in a God of rejuvenation. God has funny ways of doing things. There is never a coincidence with God. All things work together for good for they that love the Lord. Even in the midst of all this confusion because of the virus, God is working out something good.

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