Economics 102 (not 101)

This son of man is wondering: 
How does stopping the goods that help the tax man collect duty to sponsor the Government help the State?
How does industry in the country gain advantage?
How does increasing red tape (import permits) take the fiscus forward as more time will be spent queuing, applying, begging and pleading for permits to import wheel barrows. … and yet there is no money to pay the permit processor on time? 
Local industry yes I agree. But why are we preferring foreign cooking oil? Is it because we love things or the local industry loves fleecing us? 
Someone tell me why the RSA packed 500ml milk is 2 cents cheaper than our our milk from our own Jersey and Friesland cows??
So yes the SI is there but knowing innovative brothers of my country a way will be found to dance around it ( I ain’t supporting the dancing) and the goods will come and the tax man will see not revenue. 
Well, from bad to worse. 
The revenue base will decline. The neighbours will ring fence their own countries from our exports and then what?  Can we afford to lose the income from what little we were still exporting? The bilateral trade agreements ? Are we doing a #Zimexit  on our regional brothers?
So, no more soft tissue for our bottoms, no more that nice ice cream, no more cereals kkkkkk. #buylocal and the local producers double the prices. #doublejeopardy. 
This son of man really is wondering as he checks his bank balance for the umpteenth time. 

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