Different tunes

I seldom put on a sad face but at times when I do not understand the way humanity does things, I become sad. I am saddened by our failure to accept our differences and instead of working to achieve success in diversity; we raise cudgels and sharpen swords to rip apart the divergent throats.

Being different does not mean being evil. Raising issues in a different way does not mean spoiling for a fight. Doing things differently does not mean this is a bid to prove the other party foolish. We have sacrificed so many intelligent people on the altar of destruction because of our own insecurities.

Singing a different tune does not mean I do not want to be part of the melody. It means my perspective of the issue at hand is understood in a different chord and that must not be read to mean I intend to raise discord.

Walking a different path does not mean I do not share the common destiny. It might be because I am flat footed and the narrow path the majority has taken would be difficult for me to navigate.

Seeing things differently does not mean we should fight divorce, poison each other and kill each other. It simply means for a change there is an alternate to the way we have been doing things and it will be good to give audience to prove the diverse  thought wrong or right.

Doing things differently does not mean one is out to destroy, but I view it as a divergent way of accepting the need to progress without being bogged   down in monotony. Those who are for progress, success, productivity and nation building should not be scared.

In as much as we shovel the mud differently, the mortar goes to one building. In as much as we hold trowels in either the left or right hand, all that matters is that the trowels lay the mortar that sticks the bricks that build our nationhood.

In my book, only a foolish nation silences, poisons, sabotages those who are for greater progress at the expense of immoral five pence gains. Such a nation’s future is shortsighted for many who see things differently see them as such because they look beyond the hedge.

In the next turn, when the piper tunes out a different chord, pause for a moment and take in the tunes. Somewhere in the melody is an embryo crying out to be developed and not aborted.

As the sun rises tomorrow it would be good to merge our diversities to a rainbow of common good. Are you game?

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