Detox time

Detoxification, the process, real or perceived, of removing toxins from the body.

 A toxin is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms. It was the organic chemist Ludwig Brieger (1849–1919) who first used the term ‘toxin’.


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I am no chemist or medical specialist and will not attempt to bore you to sleep by assuming that mantle; I will leave that to the experts.


In the course of my going about my business during the dying week I took time to take stock. A trip through the memory of my laptop left me slightly agape. I came across a collection, no, an array of material whose justification I cannot even start to fathom. Amongst this lot coarse jokes, ‘funny ‘(for lack of a better word) website links that add no moral value or vision, x-rated jokes forwarded by pals with a coarse sense of humor etc.


I found a lot of clutter that was actually slowing down my machine and it took me a good hour to go through all my drives deleting all clutter and idle content and believe it or not I freed not less than 10 gigabytes of space and my machine is rewarding me with even a better performance.


This set me thinking: How much clutter, baggage and illicit content slow us down in our everyday life? Even our mothers do the noble element of spring cleaning and we clear our wardrobes at least bi annually but we forget to tend to the toxins that affect us most- the toxins of the heart.


It is my conviction that all of us need a detox of a kind. A detox that sweeps all the potential minefields from our paths so we can navigate the path of life with less baggage on us. In my book , unresolved issues , broken promises, grudges, bitter rages etc are all toxins that render nothing but poison to our day-to-day way of function and our perception of things in the same manner that toxins may alter out taste and appetite.


I will not attempt to tell you how to deal with the past clutter that still jogs along with you. I will not attempt to tell you to cut off those pals from the previous life who constantly tempt you to fall off the wagon, I will not, I will not. What I will tell you is that life will be far much better if you gave your life a detox. After all the toxins are poisonous substances that will shut down your life eventually.


Surely the sun will rise tomorrow and if the bitter gall surrounds you, it is good time for a life’s detox.





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