Decisions are a large part of our lives. Indecision, in my view, is a cowardly decision by someone scared of facing the truth immediately. From the time of conception to the time of expiration all is factored on decision. I have seen good men falter because of one wrong decision, I have seen businesses liquidate because of poor decisions, and I have observed marriages break up for wrong decisions. It only dawned to me tonight that all we need do is re- factor our decisions and re -align them to our lives for us to continue to thrive.

When we fail to take decisions we fail ourselves. Timely decisions are like the proverbial stitch in time. They save nine. When we falter on decision-making we fail not only ourselves but also the people who look unto us and depend on us and the decisions we must make.

When we suffer from indecision we are no better than cowards. Decisions are factored on fact, truth and logic therefore they cannot be waited upon to hatch like eggs. Decisions must be made for action to be taken. We are alive because our parents decided to make us live, the midwife decided not to be negligent, the teacher decided to dedicate himself fully and the employer decided to give you a chance and opportunity in life.

Ponder for a moment. What if, in a moment of indecision, your mother and my mother decided not to defy the labor pains and not push harder to the instructions of the ebullient midwife? That indecision would have left us cramped and stuck in the womb facing complications.

Ponder for a moment. What if that battered woman had decided to walk away from the abusive marriage that had defied all prayer and counseling sessions? Would she have died from that fatal beating obtained from her moment of indecision?

Ponder for a moment the day you made the decision that got you a breakthrough. What would have happened if you had tarried for a moment?

It is my take that decisions have to be made. It takes courage to take a decision but it is very expensive to run away from making a decision. Decisions are like incisions, painful at times but they introduce the antidote of strength and self belief into us. Decisions might be difficult but more complexities await those that cannot be bold enough to stand up, breath in and make a decision.

As the sun will surely rise tomorrow the way your life shall be walked shall be determined by the decisions that will inform your steps. Decide.

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