dark secrets

A person who has many secrets can only be a friend of darkness, fear and nerve-wracking moments. Keeping secrets (read concealing the truth) has a price. I am yet to find a person who retained the same trust in a person after discovering that the same person had concealed a fact or truth about themselves.

A person who has secrets fears being discovered. They are always on the edge and needless to say, they are not free. Secrets are bad slave masters that draw all the vitality out of one, secrets bear a big emotional burden that denies one the opportunity to savour and enjoy the present moment.

Secrets are cancerous (for lack of a better word). The contagion they bring cannot remain contained in one area and the ultimate end is destruction. Keeping secrets challenges our fidelity and honesty. It calls to task the vows of truth that we took; it challenges our moral being and I believe that it is futile to harbor things that would rather be out in the open.

Secrets are destructive. I have seen families destroyed when long hidden secrets come out unintentionally. People have had their destinies totally altered by unraveling secrets and at most times the cost in terms of emotion and pain is unbearable. Decades of love, adoration and trust are destroyed by something that could have been tackled in its stages of infancy.

I know fear binds most of us to keeping our dark horses in the cupboards but I believe I would rather suffer the shame of a confession that the penalty of concealment. I am convinced that we might shield our dark spots from public scrutiny but how do you hide your nakedness (read weakness) from your soul mate??

The dark world continues to lord it over us because we continue to retain the elements of that negative world in us. When we find ourselves open to blackmail, abuse, manipulation it is because our dark secrets are holding us to ransom.

A confession is difficult. It brings humility and penitence but it is less expensive than a dark secret hidden in the open awaiting a foot to stumble on it and expose it.

As the sun rises would you rather confess or pay the burden of harbouring darkness??

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