One path many of us hate to walk is the one that leads to crossroads. In this life I have lived on this earth I have learnt that crossroads are inevitable. The moment one takes the path of life it is a foregone conclusion that sooner or later they will hit crossroads. Avoiding crossroads takes some to the bush, stony ground or hilly terrain and navigating that area is more taxing than taking on the crossroads.

Many opt to call the cross roads of life a catch 22 scenario. They are made to believe that a choice has to be made by casting lots. Somehow the walk of life has been turned into a snake and ladder game where every step is determined by casting the die. How does one determine their way in life by casting lots??

In this life I have learnt that crossroads are milestones. Every moment I have hit a snag I have used the point as a rallying point. I aver it has not been easy for at times the crossroads are surrounded by fog and mist and one cannot tell or see beyond the confusion of a four way path with no signpost.

I have used crossroads as testing points. Character, resolve and commitment are tested at the crossroads. One can easily change direction (read purpose) upon reaching cross paths. One can be lured by the facades in the opposite distance. One can be enticed to take a detour on the understanding that after experiencing the mirage they will find a connecting path. Many have strayed that way and totally lost track of time and vision.

Crossroads are meditation points. Confusion of which path to take is the best point for one to introspect. A man has to look into himself and draw strength from self so as to be able to stand and carry himself forward. Show me a man who is not sure of himself trying to fight the wind and I will show you his skeleton mangled with scree at the bottom of the mountain when we fast forward life’s movie.

Crossroads are not for the fainthearted. Hard decisions have to be taken at cross roads.  Cross roads test relationships and bonds and it is the resolve to keep the direction that normally prevails hence now I understand why the good book says ‘two cannot walk together unless they are agreed”.

It is at crossroads that real comrades will tell you that they are behind you all the way when the rest of the crossroad watchers are perusing cobwebbed scrolls for one line that should keep you back from venturing where they have only dreadfully ventured in their nightmares.

So tomorrow when you hit the four way path, hold your head high, draw into your inner strength, re call your vision, rally your milestones and walk to your goal. Soon the boos will turn to cheers and clapping because only a fool dies at the crossroads.



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Mmmh what a piece

Clara mashumba

Crossroads,l hv been there.A huge challenge,which needs us to pay attention to the voice of the Lord.They brig us closer to the Lord,otherwise we get lost




noding emoji x5..this has reminded me that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Awesome encouraging piece Brazo


thank you bro. I could not avoid e stark semblance betwix crossroads and the Cross. This continued to linger in my mind as I came to a conclusion tht when at crossroads we cannot but look to the Cross.

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