Converse !

A conversation is a result of a realisation that there is a need to communicate. When two persons muddle their connection, the first thing to die is the conversation and then that triggers a lot of other adverse acts that will eventually bring about a dead-end street.

I believe that most opportunities are lost because the ability to converse has been dwindled to minimal by changing social trends and increasing technology. Where it took a child to walk to the study where the father was seated reading, to ask for permission to go to an outing, all it takes now is a forwarded message from the school for the dad to make the call! Opportunity lost.

I have seen couples lose the plot because the chance to converse has been denied. This happens either because the other party acts aggro, refuses to listen or converse opportunities become shouting matches. In all this, an opportunity to converse is lost and this triggers a lot of toxins.

When we lose the opportunity to converse, we remain with suspicions of what could be, because I cannot converse and find out what you do, I am left speculating that you are a snob, dealer, and possibly anti-social person, only to find the contrary is true when a conversation is struck.

Conversations are great lessons. We learn a lot when we converse. Some sages encourage that we strike conversations with strangers and some of my best colleagues today are strangers I struck conversations with, and I went to learn a lot. Since then, I have never missed an opportunity to greet and start a conversation and the lessons have been great.

Conversations are doors into our souls. From conversations we can share and learn what makes us cry and laugh. Besides staring into another person’s eyes, it is conversations that can be doors to the inner soul. I have learnt more form calm conversations than from angry tirades and I will take a calm conversation any day.

Conversations are a sign of faith and trust in humanity. The more conversations we have, the less mistrust we shall have. It took conversations to stop wars, reconcile brothers, plot better ways forward and to restore trust in humanity.

We cannot have monologues, we cannot have diatribes, we cannot speak till we froth, we cannot and must not rant till we lose ourselves and cost us great relationships but converse, we must!


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