burning the bridges

The story goes that before the Tomahawk missiles were created the infantry was the core of the fighting forces. The land or terrain gained was further cemented by the winning army destroying the bridges and all crossable fords so that the vanquished army would never contemplate retaking the lost positions. It was also used by some generals as a way of instilling a forward ever backward never spirit in their cadres. By burning the conquered bridges it meant that the armies had only one option – forward, as whoever thought of retreating would find themselves caught between an advancing army and an uncross able river (catch 22 ).

Life has certain complexities it throws at us at the least expected times. I have come to learn that what I have done in the past naturally has a bearing on my present  but in the same vein I have learnt that while I can derive lessons from my past , it does not mean that I should live with my past.

There are certain times when we walk through life at a stealing pace because we are afraid of awakening the ghosts of the past. I agree, everyone has a past but the past must not and cannot continue to be a part of my present. The past is passed, period.

To those whose past has continued to haunt them, there is one way out – burn the bridges. I have come to realize that the ghosts come because we entertain them. We go back to the grave and unearth memorabilia which emotionally suits us forgetting that an exhumation brings out the whole carrion, flesh, stench and bones.

At times we fail to manage our past. It is undeniable that at times we cannot totally cut off the past( e.g. when they is offspring involved ) but it is how we manage these past situations which will determine how happy we are in the current situation.

So, when the past brings you pain, take a step back and see whether you still hold some bridges open for the ghosts to shimmer over and haunt you at the happiest of your moments. Ghosts belong to the past; they must be exorcised and be put to rest. If it means apologising, seeking forgiveness, forgiving, letting go, then do so and the bridges would be burnt.

Some of us will need to burn bridges to go forward for as long as the bridges behind us are intact we will find ourselves going back to drink mud. When we opt to retreat to drink mud we will never advance to fight for and secure crystal clean waters and our present relations will suffer bad toxins.

Tomorrow, as the sun rises, what bridges hold you to the repulsive past that you are seeking release from? What bridges allow your past to emotionally blackmail and pain you? Burn them!! And when you burn them make sure they are behind you and you are across lest you be doomed.

Bridges my foot!!


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This is very true …exhuming ghosts does bring stench and bones!!!wooow !!!

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